Sessions IN MEDITATION MEDICATION MISERY OR MYSTERY…How’s it gonna be? Choose Wisely NOW.

Sessions IN MEDITATION MEDICATION MISERY OR MYSTERY… HOW’S IT GONNA BE? It is not about Meditation nor Medication anymore. It is more of the Enlivening Life in Totality as ONE both medicated and meditated in One Splash Moment out of Time. AgaYa Ka into New Project Birthing in this NOW of Enigmatic Enlivening the Enigma It-SELF.

In Non Dual way Lead by the Source of Unknown Hand leading the Way in Grace…not known to Humans…Rat Race… Coz those times dear fellow Humans…are way over. Transmission Creatrix after reUnion to Total Surrender. – Meaning Death during Life.3993 in Session. . Walking here…beyond of BeYonders and Neither as One. And None. Who is ready for the Riddle. I AM HERE. to be found if You are ready to catch that Wave …It may save your Life from Misery and Enliven with Weirdest Mystery….but hey…better the latter 😉

First step…stop hurting yourself. Make a decision to Start . To Risk it all to find out who you truly are. To recover the dormant. To Awaken the howling wolf. Inside. To Heal. Feel. To Become the Ultimate UNBECOMING. TO STRIP YOURSELF OPEN RAW AND NAKED. INTO THE SACRED CORE. with all your guilts shames and unworthinessess entangling your soul…burnt on the fierce fire of vanishing forgetting. Mission.Leverage.Lighthouse in the Horison and step. one after another. On a Journey that never started and have no end. Until YOU arrive in and on a dimension that already exists on a Higher Note freQuency. start today and continue until the end. And Risk IT ALL To uncover it all. To Heal it all and resolve all traumas .In this split resonanse of a flash…. here and NOW in total Integration. Alignmenet and attuning to all YOUR fears…and more fears until they all vanish in the fluffy mirrage of smoke and mirrors. Mind Body Spirit.

And what is here to hold it all is Love and Often misunderstood Fierce Compasion.OWN YOURSELF. Yes YOU BEEN them all all of them. victims and perpetrators, killed and a killer, bulglar and thief and the one that was robbed. Until YOU feel all of those roles and Observe them….Forgive them and release. There is no further talk on the Wholeness and totalitarism of YOU AlOne as One – Liberated as Queen or King. Attend to and Return to YOUR Garden. The Oracle and Round Table of New HER-story awaits YOU. Question is are We ready?Are YOU? Jump. Lean in.

Come a little closer. It is Time. before the Global Solar Flash arrives. We can Smoothen this ride for us and all if only we gather enough courage….Easy to Watch the BraveHeart on the Screen but enliven it in real time life? Well that is what is being asked of NOW. No turning back. If YOu already opened too many doors and windows. You are already in the River. And can not go back to shore. The current is too strong now. Now YOu just must surrender further. And make the righteous choice. Decide to Become this living Legend in this lifespan.

And Risk it all for that. No matter what. the price is too high now. it is tagged with your name and soul as a cattled number in factory. It is time to Rise . and speak the truth even if it starts with admitting your false lies before …We can take it all…. we all Been there. Voice the truth. Admit the Lies. Relinquish fear. We must do it NOW.NOW NOW. NOW. I too was in misery before and tended to ponder suicide or self harming and self abbusive modalities based on traumatics experiences written deeply in my holographic body…. I know the game and I know the tactics of forces you dont even wanna know exists and how they score high in prize after getting you fucked once again. Today Choose to Win over that . over the triggers.

Over the Fears and over with hiding the lies. Be brave enought to speak OUT.

AgaYA KA. come meet me here. in between and beYond zero Game . 3993 in Session


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