All Science Fiction is actual Real if you pay Attention. Pay Attention to how the World is a Stage. Demolition Man 1993 Spoke of it All.

All Science Fiction is actual Real if you pay Attention. Pay Attention to how the World is a Stage (hello Shakespeare… 👂…).it’s all staged a long ago and you are in a Truman show… A puppet on strings .. CUT the Strings…. before they become chains …to heavy to cut and will drag you down to Fit IN..on the stage of scripted actors….the copy of a copy of a copy of a copy…. .a Clown in Their show… tamed, implanted, talking as in their designed game… What will free your mind is Spontaneity, Innocence as in child’s mind heart…

Living moment to moment hooked in an intuitive Feeling and free Will CHOICE to change your mind at any given moment and second…

Becoming a Script Writer, Composer and actor in your OWN show in Heart 💓

Coherence…Unplugged.LiQuidIn Nirvana as That ..formless shapeless Awareness I’ve been living in the state of Quantum Leap Journey fast Foreward moment to moment for years .. looking as a lunatic for and to many…doing what needed be done although it’s so hard to explain… The Price for Everything..your entire Life .Old way you have had it. You must die to who you thought You are in each moment. Almost. It’s so hard to explain as for human mind it’s unimaginable… You just come as you Are in a given moment.. with Golden Rule at Heart.. and resonance of your own uniQue Soul Heat voice Design… The Surrendered Connection to that that comes from Way BEYOND what you ever experienced, thought of or imagined.

Demilition man film from 1993 spoke of the upcoming years. It is designed and staged where you live in.

From 2017 new Gates are Open.. it has never actually happened before…As We reached over 51percent of Heart Coherence Love for the Positive optimum Timeline… And what is happening is the clash of those 2worlds now.. stay on course. Find your Centre and Breathe .. and Focus on What You wanna Create that Feels good in each moment.

Give all devotion to That . Source Connection .I remember and oversee of what’s yet to come. 13.AgaYa Ka


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