You can NOT sage or mantra or meditate Your Way away from meeting Your SELF in Fully embraced Awakening*

For the Spiritually Consumed Society… You can sage your room and house and self all you want and even stick magical gem stones and crystals all over the body and place them in every corner of your room for protection, you can listen to mantras all day , meditate, do asanas, yoga, and whatever your MIND will guide you to…. and wish upon a star even ….

Yet until YOU ACTUALLY Face that dark VOID INside and all YOUR darkness demons and MEET YOURSELF in ENTIRETY… with all the skeletons in the closet, under the bed and wherever… and HEAL the Split in YOUR mind…. Nothing will Change. YOU Are going in circles. Chasing your own tail. And YOu are literally FUCKED. Like Holy Molly Fucked. I know. I been there.

Face the BEAST to claim the FEAST of LIFE. Ain’t easy and pretty. You healing millennia from the inception of time space reality illusion and all lifetimes possible ever thought. Until you practice enough and get beYond it all Completely.

AgaYa KALight Language 13 REVELATION sessions. Transmission. from BeYond. 1.1 – Website. Quantum Leap Journey to be readjusted soon.Into #Nonduality We head aim to go tHere.UNITY Codes – Twin Flames. UNION. aNEW INSIDE.


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