Embody Your DESTINY* Be or Not to BE 2021

Embody Your DESTINY* Be or Not to BE . The only Decision to Make in Life is whether to choose to Be aLive or a living Lie, and Do All One can to correct the Course if Chosen Life. World is a Stage and it started with a Breath, Word and Intention…. I Came from the Future Timeline of New Generations. Holo – Healing HUman .

New is coming in all aspects of the crumbling system . There are 10 days of World PEACE Meditations being held all over the world by the Earthians, Guardians, Keepers of the Flame, And Annointed Ascended Masters living or Becoming…. IN Restful Peace of the Heart… Shall we Remain. Walking at night in deep dark forrests is my yet Best MEDICINE. Walking Fresh Baldly listening to each leaf shaking, wind Blowing, Darkness and Sparkles Glowing , Sharp coldness therapy for the mind in Mountains of the Winter Wonderland BeYond the Rainbow clouds. WHere the streets have No Name and each step on a firm Mother GaYa field is a New Beginning and Seed of my 13 Codes of Diamond Sutra for the Brave New World,


AgaYa KA Ya – Space Ka SpiritAga – AgarthiAn lineage ancestry my Human Self EmbodyingChoosing SERVICE PROTECTION AND LIFE. in Golden HeART. for All . Correct the course of your thoughts, feelings, deeds, emotions, get both hands on the wheel …we need all on the deck Now. IN MY MIND and Reality – We are all Winners. NOONE Left behind , although the old remnants of the world will be fading away – I pray for Easeful and Smooth Transition for ALL sentient Beings.

IN a Prayer for the ORGANIC LIFE I SET THE INTENTION OF ORGANIC STRUCTURE AND CRYSTALISED INNER OUTER WORLD AND WILLINGNESS TO RISK IT ALL FOR THE SAKE OF GRACE AND KNOWING ONESELF DEEPLY. Light coded language from 13 beYond and after the fall of Babylonian Tower. Sessions 1:1. We are being lead to the RoYalty . In order to embody THAT One must be Humble. AgaYA KA


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