Feel the mother…r COMPLETELY. Harsh words for the Harsh times. FEAR vs LOVE. Unconditional LOVE from BeYond, not the Human Kind.

Feel the mother…r COMPLETELY. Harsh words for the Harsh times. As it is literally the mother…f…r.Mother – Earth Jewell – the 13 th Revelation Feminine Essence AWAKENING – the merge of Both . UNITY . Androgynous. Masculine and Feminine in ESSENCE OF PURE FEMININE. The Supreme Power of Consciousness. Fucker – Fear, the Beast, the Scarred one, the wounded one, the patriarchal one.

The Fallen Power of Consciousness…Lower survival chakras energetic centres that keep HUmanity hijacked all over again and again.We MUST UNDERSTAND THE NATURE OF REALITY TO KNOW IT ALL.THE HUMAN SHADOW. THE LIGHT AND DARK AND ASPIRATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS LEADING TO TRANSCENDENCE THAT MUST BE ACTIVATED FIRST, otherwise will stay asleep.When we give in to the Fear we are fucked. Literally. I know, I been there . It is paralysing and gets a grip on you that you feel there is no way to escape. Black Magic is Potent Here. The world is filled with It. When we face it completely… in safe places/spaces in its Entirety… We Liberate ourselves… and Pass that Charge Foreward.

IN THAT DEEP SPACE WE CAN RELEASE KARMA , clean our shit and move foreward riding on a White Wolf. There is a Law beYond Karma and it is called Grace. And it is NATURAL. And for the truly humbled ones and remorsing and devoted it will be GIVEN. Ain’t for Faint of Hearts. But Possible and Necessary at those times.
I was ingested in this since Birth. All Are before the shit of the system we grow up in hits the shit. Picking myself up and deeply KNOWING INSIDE it’s not the way. Anchoring the Light Codes since I remember and studying in depth esoteric knowledge and Tesla 369 since am 8 years old. There is a place of 3 years Limbo in my life as well, mostly 3 last years after encountering black magicians and being hijacked after resharing on free energy devices scalar energy and tesla coil devices as the FREE ENERGY Technology for All HUMANITY available for us all NOW. The astral realms and Dark Magicians act on leakeges in Auric field and Trauma that was not addressed or felt entirely in the body since birth and also in the womb prenetal stage as well…Yes e were conscious back then and felt everything including fears and anxiety of mum, the time of conception the way it was done and energies at steaks during that.

Those traumas must be fully felt and acknowledged. and FELT ENTIRELY…Each day now is like working with 1000000000 of years of lifetimes …You were all of It Darkest Dark and Lightest Light Workers. YOU MUST FEEL THE worst scenarios You may have done and Shine on it Pure Light chosen from the BeYond. All want to be Good and Compassionate. Not All KNow How to. Or have so many leakeges and Octopuses hands all over them that it’s hard to see. You wanna move foreward but feel you are being hooked and taken apart by something. Turn back into the Lions roaring Face and look deeply INSIDE. and roar back…with GENTLENESS. Seek those who can hold the space for you with YOU. Community. Connection. Touch. HUMANITY. We are on the Lineage of Evolution to Divine HUman Being. BeYond humanity can Imagine. The HIghest possible trajectory of our Destiny…will happen when we all Surrender our EGOs and choose to WE_GO.
Address Your Shadows. Address the Ego . Address the Fears. Do whatever it Takes to KNOW YOURSELF . I fucked up many times on this ride too.
No matter what Keep going.

LIBERATION lies in Completely FEELING all of it. And release ourselves from the Strings of the system …pappet masters. I Am developing a Light Coded Language and HOLO-structure reinventing DNA structure since 2013 as Given and Gifted to me and rememebered. Those Codes Are Sacred and they Sound weird for Human Normalcy language. I CHOOSE TO GIVE MY EXISTENCE TO THE POSITIVE POLARITY TIMELINE.
Will YOU?

AgaYaKaAga – Me on EarthYa SpaceKA Spirit as knowing myself from BeYond , from Nothingness.
AgartiAn in Lineage. AvaloniAn Codes.


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