Do You Meditate to Connect Deeper or Escaping Your Life Responsibilities?

Do You Meditate to Connect Deeper or Escaping Your Life Responsibilities?

Meditation Can be a Mind Soul Body Spritit MEDICATION in total surrender and reverant LET GO or Escapistc running away from the real life Presence that is screaming for your Attention especially after You were already ACTIVATED and died few times in this life to pure NOTHINGNESS and You are still looking for the Big Aha Trumpet Moment when YOu might have already nailed it. Source Connected. Never Dis-Connected.

But possibility of taken on coats of thoughts, beliefs and paths of “others” waking up to what you have already long ago touched. Trust YOUR SELF. Become and Instrument for the Music of YOUR Heart. Be Willing to feel what is Right for YOU. In each and Every Moment.

People will be Waking up to the Unity Presence State …. LOVE. But You know there is Clear SEEING too. And Absolute. And BeYond Nothingness Portal Infinite Possibilities Foreward… But Stabilise FIRST In each step. Or when YOU go fast to the End …and still keep going rushing into the Infinity …PAY Attention to Presence and Bypassing leftovers. Take up the shovel and slear the stuff /shit you may have left behind. To open a CLEAR Chapter. What YOU touched already will never leave YOU. Your Heart will be in fear when YOU stop doing the RIGHT thing. Shine a light of Awareness on Traumas, mother father wounds… embody Compassion and Foregiveness towards all parts of YOU in all configurations with “others” >
to see clearly the Compass of what MATTERS most in this NOW.

AgaYa Ka Stabilising 1:1 session. Sound Healing Voice Codes of 13 Light Language. Intentional Pure Hearted Transmission. Adjustments. @AgaYa Ka


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