Collective Crossroads and Choice Point to Choose Heaven On Earth. * Choose Love.Learn to let Love IN.

Collective Crossroads and Choice Point to Choose Heaven On Earth. * Choose Love.Learn to let Love IN.

On timeline I see John Lennon, Morrison, Princess Diana, M Jackson, B. Martley and more exist, gonna come out in 2,3 years,. Julian Assange, who feels like my twin brother comi g in dreams for over 8 years, is a son of Trump will be fully Liberated soon. Thus Timeline Exists and runs parallel to the smoke and mirror scenario sold by mainstream propaganda. And Hey… Neither of them took vaccines.Just sayin’Speaking my Truth as a Seer.We must all now face our deepest Ego trips address traumas and sink in deep. There’s a spiritual War going on here, and I feel it to the core.They play now on deepest core wounds and wires of traumas in the body.. Addictions and pushing the button S inside you to retraumatised. Stay vigilant and strong.Me included.Am in Absolute awakening since 2009.

Died 4 times this life already. Highly above connected to Omnium.Working with embodying lower realms as a New HUman 8 came here to Serve. Connected to AriYanna AriA Collective, Sassani and Light language.Remember forth years to come. Steward and dreaming awake new Earth since early childhood.I Remember Everything.AS I created it All. The Great Design. And parallels running.Black and White. Tasted Both deeply to the measure of intensity not many can bare. Darkness runs deep. And we must learn to dance with those Shadows.There is a point beyond.After the Babylonia fall. Where no languages resign. Where light language I transmit is the only way if communication as we are birthing New Earth United.Nothingness. Silence. Joyful light language. Great a mystery. Singularity. Here we are Flowing…

My Quantum Leap Journey been weird, different, reversed inverted.. From pure Light service dor 33 years .. To depth of traumas digged up last 3 years, occultic forces and black magic encounters, darkness and tasting fear stronger than anything I’ve ever encountered…fear attaches to places of deepest defensive mechanisms from childhood and natal, infant and prenatal timesThe bigger the light the darker the dark.Forgiveness and Compassion hold dissolution energy if approached humbly.I know the depth of ego tactics and programmes running to levels beyond possible. You must be willing to address those deeply. May We all let the 13 Diamond Core awake and settle inside as all strains of DNA are being Activated on masse, x I experienced it in 2010 myself. Today I speak to all of Us and those feeling left behind… At any given moment you can choose to say… PLOT TWIST! I AIN’T HAVING THIS SHIT NO More. So help us God. The more, the merrier.

AgaYaKaActivating Core Divine Blueprint Galactic ConduitRestoring Eden. AvaloniA, GardeniA, Codes of


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