Mission MARS. Feeling the Immesurable Feelings and Traumas. Memories from milenias.

Mission MARS. Feeling the Immesurable Feelings and Traumas.

If You are struggling at the moment to FEEL immesuarable flooding feelings, emotions and vicious firey sensations inside …. Maybe my Story with RED PLANET will help. Mission MARS I was a part of as a Commander and Captain of Operation “Restore Garden”.
Regression of the Soul Quantum for ” Q AgaYa KAIF WE DON’T END WAR .WAR WILL END US. – H.G. Walls. From an in depth Soul Q Regression I have had recently came out flashing and flooding memories of the Mars Wars and being an operational mechanism Brain of the operation to save the Planet.All my comrades were killed. Life ended…. red planet was covered with dusty death like silence. No life was to continue. Toning in my ears of dead sound….high pinch, …almost no air to breathe, heavy, … empty skeletons and skulls all over…and me as only survival….. wishing to be dead, being alone …. sensations of failing the mission to Save the planet as there was a nuclear weapon used onto us and entire Planet to explode…. , sensations of hopelessness….failure….death, breath, heavy breathing …., sadness, sorrow, immesurable grief….. hopelessness…..helplessness….utter aloneness…. ME …in the midst of all of it. No sign of Life, no sign of nutrition. Breaking up. And Utter confusion. Disorientation. WISH upon myself to be dead…. The Captain comes LAST off the ship…I was the only one that survived. Failed the Mission and wanted to die with my people if we were all to die. 🙁 The Operation was connected to 13 other Planets simultaneously. If YOU have surging feeling of suicidal approach and feeling like you can not take it ANYMORE… Please hold in there… ❤ I AM HERE>>>>I FEEL YOU. I see YOU. What You may feel so deeply these days may not be truly Yours from this time . It may be correlated to Soul’s stuck deep fasia memories from other Soul contracts held in You from other missions, timelines and past times when You taken over on yourself more You can imagine.
In Truth You have been everyone and noone in the past…yet you have a soul lineage family, oversoul traits of lives more significantly highlighted for you. Gifts of Which You are to carry foreward and bring forth to life You live here in positive structure polarity.
“A warning to the peopleThe good and the evilThis is warTo the soldier, the civilianThe martyr, the victimThis is warIt’s the moment of truth, and the moment to lieThe moment to live and the moment to dieThe moment to fight, the moment to fightTo fight, to fight, to fightTo the right, to the leftWe will fight to the deathTo the edge of the earthIt’s a brave new worldFrom the last to the firstTo the right, to the leftWe will fight to the deathTo the edge of the earthIt’s a brave new worldIt’s a brave new worldA warning to the prophetThe liar, the honestThis is warTo the leader, the pariahThe victor, the messiahThis is warIt’s the moment of truth, and the moment to lieThe moment to live and the moment to dieThe moment to fight, the moment to…..”CHOOSE Life……… ? * The Healing was in Silence…the feeling…. deep Sobbing, deep reprogramming…..hollow space inside utter surrender to helplessness of the emptiness in the stomach that craves nutrition…. nurturance…Life… and HOPE. reprogramming and placing programmes of death with the ones of Life…. Trying to find courage to choose that. Stranded. Alone. Walking dead. Sensing milions of bodies burried underneath the surface….souls screaming for help…. likem cemented underneath….as slaves …whose essence was literally sucked out of by the Mars Beings entities. Who brought destruction . Who fear light.
Seeing Me planting new seeds there and a flash of Hope…a Light in the Corner of my Right Eye…. Air started to become a bit more easy …and not that heavy…to gras to breathe…. To claim the Mastery of regenerating myself a sthe Captain and Brain of operation…that failed to save the planet during wars and nuclear powers used on us. I feel I could not have more scars by now in my Life.Lets use nuclear powers to DO GOOD I kept crying out. They did not listen. I trust the HUmanity will listen this Decade and we will use it for the Mission GOOD/GOD. . Shall we?Still in Alonneess…. All.ONEess.. This is Just One of many experiences I have had last months and the war over the conscience taking place. And how the other side tries to pull the strings of your deepest traumas…weakness points and achilles foot points to get access to you field and press buttons. The Emotional Variations that are almost not able to be contained and felt by the HUman Body we identify with…. So If I remember that mission, as Pure consciousness …. was there…. in another Suit meat like suit…. And felt that all contained in my conscious awareness….
WHO IS IT NOW that is in remembrance of this too? Is this my BODY? mind? Or Pure Consciousness ? How Am I to remember this and clean clear the depth of traumas taken place there and move foreward with the gifts and abilities as the operational brain stormy captain of neurogenic capabilities…. Feeling the emotional distress ain’t a pretty picture. Detaching from it and shifting towards the Observer is a constant and vigilant commitment. Realising this May break some walls of resistence to Feel.
More to come. I’ve more to share and seeding life there aNew. Where bases are held of the ones who can not stay alive in light. I have so many memories from there. In remembrance of who I was back then and gifts that are connected to Galactic Conduicity that I awoke to 12 years ago and was being called Crazy. Gaslit all my life. Attacks over the Body to dismantle it and bring to death so we can not fulfill our Soul’s mission and calling from before incarnation on this Planet.
Many are targetted .Heal the Split in the Mind and Feel. The reality is weirder than Fiction my friends…and I will no longer stay Silent to my experiences no matter how many threts of psychiatric wards ❤ We must Acknowledge it and find reconciliation now. And Command Peace. no matter what. You are clearing lifetimes of miasms and trauma for your entire family as well…who often not even aware to what you are going through look at you as if you are crazy psycho and nerd weird out of box not connected to reality as they see it. Keep on going One day they will thank You for it hopefully. Or not. It does not matter . what Matters is that you finish the work and ask for help when needed. We HEAL In relation to others . Find Your herd, tribe that resonate the same fork frequency and Heal it all once and for All.
We are in this tOgether. Yet All-ONE. Embrace this.
It ain’t easy but can be done. Move forevard and wear Your scars as trophies. I collected a lot of them already .
13 held High I will stand no matter what.
Quantum Leap JourneyQ AgaYaKa Galactic Conduit and Connector. Light Language conduit of 13 Diamond ARIA cords and Etheric Surgery. QAgaYaKa*अजातQuantum Leap Change®Visionary13thAgarthAA.Qu.ARIA.n IN EssenceBeYond WordsAlepHAake since 11 yrs old. www.quantumleapjourney.com
@Laura Eisenhower was there in Spirit. with me too. I this lifetime I was with Laura and many in Detroit Michigan in 2016 in the round table talks over the Planetary Ascension. Laura was heavily attacked too and her fb account is deleted by now.
30 seconds to Mars…This is WAR… : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zcps2fJKuAI

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