Do YOU.Nothing Else will DO YOU.KNOW Your Puzzle. For the Big Picture.

Do YOU.Nothing Else will DO YOU.KNOW Your Puzzle. For the Big Picture. HONESTLY one MORE TIME I/YOU WILL ASK OTHERS FOR THE PERMISSION TO be MYSELF/YOUR-SELF…. It is the minute you sell your Soul. FEEL AND BE Yourself and what comes naturally through you. Otherwise it’s really not pretty. And We need all messy particles to start fitting IN their Royal Righteous Place. Let’s Claim IT. NOW.

And Here I stand…ADHD Bipolar, Multidimensional Hybrid…Autistic Even I feel At times… the Seer, Knower, Witch, Curiosity Driven and Grounding Landing on Earth yet from BeYond. Q Aga- from DreamLand. To Create Land of Dreams on Earth. A Programme switched on so fiercely since 2010. Rested in drawers for few years of utter stuckness trying to fit in… do it Their way… It can NOT happen. You will end up succumb yourself to the notion of wanting to rip yourself open and scream.

For someone Feeling like giving birth to universes with single thoughts of New Earth Solutions and having bilions of those per minute it’s not easy to be here. Studying Tesla Since 10 Years old. Passport ending 369.
3 is n my Lineage.
Weirdo. Crazy. Mysfit.
I’d Happy to swap places with other parts of puzzles from time to time. To have some Rest 🙂
I am Galactic Conduit. Connector of sorts. Highly perceptive. AQUARIAN in Essence . For the New Era coming.

Sometimes I feel like I designed and created the Entire Game in the First Place. Seeing over for the potentiality of next stages of next years, decade in Totality. All going into Singularity Point.
Me. Early Born…. Always felt am born too early. Both Gift and curse. Not from Here. Telepathically Connected. UNgrounded at times. But Landing and learning. BeYond. Aquarian. Watery yet fiercely fisty and Intense Hence Light Language Singing comes easiest to me.
BeYond Languages I STAND. The Biblical Tongue Tower must Fall for the Grace of Oneness to Be Known.
Coz the Truth of the Heart lies BeYond the words spoken in Human terms.

@QUantumLeapChangeProject @AvAloniA GardeniaLet’s go back to the Garden.Q AgaYA KA


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