NOTHING IS Certain. Go tHere.

Quantum Catalyst and Catapulting .

Up and Above … Down and Deep IN…

The depth is scarrier than What you may Think. But still Go there. Half Dark Half Light and Beyond. AgaYaKa. Now.Here. I stand. and Beyond. There is Only One of Us Here..? Is there? Anybody Out there? Or Are we all dreaming ?
Come closer and Unite and work your ass off to BALANCE the Ancient Hermetics into Harmonics Inside. ANcient Futures We Are in Tune.
Light language Coding comes easily for me as Beyond is only a STate with no real words.
BeIng from BeYond. Acceleration is Potent in these times. WE MUST GROUND New and feel Stable in Wholistic Way. New Way for New Wave. Is Here.

Every day a New BEginning. Get up. Refocus and go. Be. Do. Act. In and From Gratitude. Appreciation. Seek and find Your Joy.. Follow it fiercely Integrate and Share. Find your Medicine and Let it Heal You. No comparisons to others. Crazy. Mysfit. Different. You name it.. Go there.. v
Feel what’s trying to burst through.Irreversible Self Realisation feels like utter Dying. Nothing is left. Everything and Nothing you are in between breaths You exist. A projector painting a movie of You as You.
What movie will you want to press Play to today?
Self Realise to Self Actualize to Self Vitalize and Ground life IN.
By Becoming Whole with Life as Essence.
The instrument through which we are able to master the understanding of Nature and Existence is itself not really understood by humanity. When once that truth is understood, all that is understood through this knowledge will become plain. This is exactly what our ancient sages did.
They sought to know “That which if Known” All else can be Known. Our ancient scriptures “The Upanishads” which are believed to be a voice heard from the Universe, lay down the process of this discovery.
The expression of that discovery in practical life is – Love.
For, it is LOVE that creates, sustains and engulfs All Creation. It’s LOVE that the Universal energy exhibits in all creation. Without Love, no one can claim to have succeeded in deciphering God and creation’s handiwork, the Universe. God is Love so lets Live in Love – that is the direction indicated by the sages. To Become as One with it and flow.
Love can grow only in a well-ploughed heart, free from all desires and ego’s of me and mine mind. So lets prepare our heart by means of constant recital of any name of God that appeals to us or a daily practice like meditation (yoga) , like prayers , like pursuit of true knowledge or action in doing ones duty. It can be any one of these – devotion, wisdom, action.

The path of Consciousness-cleansing will lead us to our constant everlasting bliss and peace. From there we must start. Half dark half Light we Consist of. HOw precious. How destructive and creative in BOTH.
How to Get there?
Get on the Journey Train… it’s quite a ride and learn living moment by moment in the field where nothing is CERTAIN.

Quantum Leap Journey AgaYaKa Self. #transmission#waterAquarian#SunWarriors#nature#PolishAvaloniA time Start.www.quantumleapjourneycom


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