On Defensiveness. And coming down to your Senses. You actually must go BeYond them First.

On Defensiveness. And coming down to your Senses… You actually must go BeYond them. And bring the REAL Sense into Action. TIP For a Day for the Protesters and fighting War with War. #QuantumAga

Reminder Fire-figters do NOT fight Fire with Fire….Ya know…. But until You actually f KNOW it and Integrate this Wisdom and not only do Intellectual fluffy “knowings”, You will never Know in Truth. So get that dry Water tanks within You full first instead of fighting with the firy thirst. Water Clears stuff. So that you can actually See.

For that You need a bit more than mental intellectual figuring out. Once Head gets melted in the Heart of Hearts.. Action will be the righteous One in Attendence to a greater Force that dwells and comes from within You. Whatever the heart Knows.. Go after That.. Know ThySelf Accept yourself Deal with tremendous grief/pain inside Let Yourself be burnt by that completely Become the Creator.

Satori Mind Heart Reflections and fierce Focus. How? From ashes and dust to Wings and High mountains. Do Not forget the Ground and Roots, and reach for the skies. Gaia Sophia Harmonised with Quantum Cosmic SELF. Q Aga http://www.quantumleapjourney.com

#QuantumPerception since 2010


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