JESUS and Its Simple Meaning* for those who go for pilgrimages and God knows where to find Him. Let me be blant with You. “He” Is HERE. 👇🙏👆👀🙆‍♀️ NOW. And He is not a HE, but THAT.
Yes, all of THAT.

tHERE is a GOLDEN opportunity to claim that in full EXPERIENTIAL Manner.
– When? and Where?!
– You ask.
– HERE and NOW, the answer IS.
The Gate will reveal itself when you truly LET go of the need to be someone on either side of barycade. Good or Bad character. Gold is in the Middle POINT.
Just Sit, Close Your Eyes. Ask and SEE. Resolve it All. Now.
If we all just decided to STOP playing the Game, which scenarios has already been written and is predestined .. It would be much smoother and swifter ride for all into the Singularity Point of GOD’s I-I.
Seems like Jesus would say…
Dear Children… Just SIT THE FUCK DOWN and BE. When the Effort is dropped the Celestial Prophecy comes Full Circle.

💚JESUS… Won’t be found in Churches, Golden temples and you name it… Those places are to be used for homeless centres, caretaker centres, dance centers celebrating Life, Joy and Real togetherness in laughter, true Healing, Connection, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, HUmanityHood and you name it.In Compassion, Truth fullness, Forbearance, Golden Rule if you ask me. When we break those Universal Natural Laws it seems…anywhere you go.. Circumstances won’t save you. Resolution is inside. Retrospection. Open up and See. JESUS…. IS HERE. What it means… Well… Pardon my French JE SU(I)S..=. I AM

⚙️A Message for Christians looking for God, Jesus in churches for thousands of their power away to priests and prayers outside of Yourself hoping to make your problems go away with taking a white wafer. Seeking redemption, often trying to buy their ways in to Salvation. May be hard pill to swallow… But it ain’t working. INstead.. Try this…

SIT THE F DOWN and Just BE. You may get GOLDEN 💡May the Heavens Gate pour its Wisdom onto You. * Stand up and Do Better this time around. Make better Choices. Create better Habits. STOP doing what’s not working. Leave those Patterns behind. Seek help if needed.
Commit to Growing, Evolving and Becoming a better Human being each day. Just That. STOP running in circles.
Be like JESUS. In Thought. In Feeling/Intention, In Deed/Action. 3.
JE SU i S Aga.
And will make my Best to Align with THAT.

QAga Sessions, Light coded language, NATURE retreats in Polish little Switzerland Heaven Mountains.

*Q AgaYaKa, 13A tale from Behind the Veil…. The Future is Bright if we place the Focus there. The timeline is set. Make Sure You Claim it. Choose The Becoming of Celestial Phrophecy NOW.

Activation Sessions with Light Language from BeYond the concepts, intertwined with Silence , words structures, biblical Babel Tower that fell…
I remain BeYond and Embodied the Frequency from Above.
With Passion driven sOul. Words may come… but fueled by something that onced touched, felt experienced and integrated, realised and actualized, can not be unDone. #Quantum#Choice#Jesus#Q#NewEarth#NewWorld


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