INNERSTAND Through UNDERSTAND to OUTERSTAND. The only Trinity to CHANGE Reality. *

An Essay on Real CONSCIOUS Change by Q AgaYaKa (Aga, Ya – Space, KA – Spirit) #QuantumAgaReminders#GandhiStyle over and over again until it clicks! Make aQuantum Leap Journey I to Holy Trinity Codes


There is no Outer with No Inner first!There would be no real war, riots, thefts, killings, violations, distractions in compulsive behaviours outside if Each and every ONE of us Committed to do real Shadow work and Flowered From there onwards.
Any trigger seen and encountered outside of yourself…is a mirror of a part inside that was not held to be seen heard and expressed. Hence all outside images / people etc and any triggers are just to show you what is held and stored in your UNCONSCIOUS mind – so that it can be resolved.

And I don’t mean dwelling in the Shadows until it kills you before True Awakening as One in Mind Body Spirit can occure in its Essence.
I mean Real.. devoted, committed statement..
Enough is ENOUGH. No More. Enough of this Shit! Time for real SHIFT.. From real Deal Completion. Embracing Totality of You as You and Choosing wisely..
Or better Becoming a Vessel for Choiceless Choice that Comes Through You, In and As You .. Driven From the ESSENCE in each and every moment of NOW.
It’s The only effortless Fuel for Your Life. I See You. I hear You. I embrace You. Now let’s Rock&Roll kind of thing… 💡
Becoming Dancing Dakinis within the fields of Gold with dirty feet and hands deep in the PRESENT “Earth” existence.
From deep shadows, addictions, distortions, you name it….. to Silver Lining.
HUmanity is on the fast track of Evolutionary Change, Collective Shift into what You may call a Singularity Point.
Portal. After crossing which You’re in Deep UNKNOWN Zone.
Learning to work with this ENERGY is a Must. It can enhance your life or distroy You if traumas unaddressed and lies untold will rigidly hold one back.
I will share an allegory of my Own deep dived Experience.

It’s like a Train with One Huge Corridor and billions of Compartments rushing into NOWHERE~Land. T.R.A.I.N (s) – POTTING.*
* Compartments are persons, humans, illusionary suits of personhoods and little me, me, me identifications. (something that Inherently You are not in truth. From Sanscript it’s Neti, Neti ~ Not this not this…)
* Train is Awareness, Presence, Not identified Oneness with no beginning and end, Plasmatic, Formless, Awareness.
* The Point of reference to even KNOW this is Perception And Shift to being an Observer..
The I-I, all seeing Eye that is Aware of the Awareness itself.
Awareness watching Awareness. The Entry, an End Point and Beginning of Something NEW, Golden, a New Epoch, a Portal that the Train is rushing towards is a Biblical an Eye of a Needle, An Unknown Zone behind which a New World of Quantum Soup Reality awaits.
It’s to be Revealed only via Dissolution of all that You onced Knew to be True, taught, known. #REVELATION Behind the Veil…From whence and from where My Remembrance Comes.

Before Acting in Reality make sure your COMPASS.IS.ON
North Star = Compass
The real Truth Behind TRINITY *( 1 structure plus 2 structure equals and gives birth to 3rd New Structure. NEO-Structure. New.
Father, Mother, – Inner Child – The Innocence Structure, from BeYond concepts, programmes and codes from boxed thinking based on past, memories, traumas and who knows what else…. .)

Keep your Magnetic inner Compass Directed into Seeing Beauty, creating beauty around and attuning to beauty no matter the chaos around.
Please see this.
Especially in times of chaos confusion and uncertainty.
What is life in Certain walls ? The only Real certainty is to learn to Swim in Faith in the deep waters of DEFFENSELESS UNCERTAINTY. The Surrender.
Focus on a Flower. A Candle light.
Whatever you can, attach your focus onto in a moment. From there and Only from there.. Real Change ..May Come.
Act FROM there.
Share FROM there.
Come FROM there. From that Beauty Essence focus… wherever you go. Whatever you do. Whomever life you are here to touch. Start from tHere. From that Radar. Inner Compass. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. Please I urge You See This.
Make sure your Compass Is On at all times… Compass Is ON. COMPASSION. #Compassion towards yourself First >
All Mystics, Sages, Buddhas, Christed One’s knew this. They made a huge effort to find this Sacred Truth. It’s now being shared with you for FREE.
The Secret is Out. You Must Realise it. REAL.. EYEs.. SEE. Becoming an Eye of The Storm and creating Change from that Present, still Point. From Stillness. From Real seeing. From inner work with your own demons to slash and tame them all in Grace. To use their Fire that Burns you inside and redirect it to Creativity. Bare this fire inside. See it. Feel it. Embrace it, don’t name, define those emotions. Just let them Be. Like John Lennon sang. Let It BE. From there, Real Deal felt and Embodied Compassion Comes. Once you know where it’s coming from truly and why You become Unbreakable. Inner Outer worlds. Remember.
As within so without.
Be the Change. Be at PEACE, that You want to see in the world FIRST. From there… Approach the Happenings if pulled to but from That Anchor, Vantage Point of You. Real You. From that place only you will be able to make greater change. May Acting From Beauty, Compassion, True Forgiveness and Understanding…become your Only Duty.

With All Overseeing Eye from within knowing it’s all You. Only You. Here in totality of many particles. We share One Corridor. United as One, out of compartmentalised boxes. Once you see that. Really touch that. Really Know That… All can change in a split of a second. Sanscript will state:
*Know ThySelf
*Accept Yourself ENTIRELY. (Hold compassion and understanding to those parts TRULY, in order to really transcend, transmute and transfigure it in deep Innerstanding that becomes outer Holistic Understanding. )Make a Dedicated Path from Innerstanding to Understanding and then… Outerstanding. #Innerstanding#Outerstanding#Understanding.
*Become a CREATOR. From that Inner Knowing. Innate Knowing.Be the Force that leads you forward…
On the barricades with Grace.
Fast Foreward Goodness, Compassion, Love.
From Dark into Light to Dark Void.
No hatred can win hatred.
No aggression can win aggression.
No Fire war can make Peace Radiantly Remaining.
Leave Fighting Fire with Fire.
Bring Watery Awareness to It.
Gentleness. Non attachment. Solid Centred ONE pointed Awareness.
A Gentle AQUARIAN touch.
A New Era of Serpent Watery Mastery and Common CreatorSHIP from There.
With better Solutions already existing in the Void of Future NOW.

Become an I in between Polarities.The I as NonDual Awareness.
The only Gateway there Is. Risk it all to Find That Point. Nothing else Matters. You came from Nothing. Behind it there is a New Mystical World.Something that feels like never happened Before.The Choice point for HUmanity as Dreamt by the Divine. A point from where we may never repeat the Dark Samsara Cycles.
#IcameFromTheFuture to Share Visions from Unmanifested.Quantum Leap JourneyQ Aga, Q Consultant for New InNOVAtional SOULutions in the New World based on Goodness, Compassion, Equality, Sovereignty, Freedom, Liberty, Connection and Real Time Creation of Eden, Heaven on Earth. AVALON of Real Time. A world of Legends.

*Q AgaYaKa, 13A tale from Behind the Veil…. The Future is Bright. Make Sure You Claim it. Choose The Becoming of Celestial Phrophecy NOW.
Q Aga
Activation Sessions with Light Lanaguage from BeYond the concepts, intertwined with Silence , words structures, biblical Babel Tower that fell… …
I remain BeYond and Embodied the Frequency from Above.
With Passion driven sOul. Words may come… but fueled by something that onced touched, felt experienced and integrated, realised and actualized, can not be unDone.

Quantum Leap Change session,


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