I-We Just Know. 3.6.9. My life IN Agility by Design. Quantum Leap Journey Ascending. Oracle.

Magda Cwik Artist Art MUral

Sharing few cents of my Path. *

AgaYaKa Am Agile by Design.
KA Spirit,
Ya Space
I haveaAlways been Restless. Curious, Wandering and Wondering. Remembering Golden Age. Following White Rabbit into the Hole becomes obsolete Now. As New Game in “town” is the Dark Rabbit … Following its Hole will take you BeYond the Nothingness itSelf. Here I Remain. *
The moment where all collapsed into itSelf.

Me, just me, Aga,Dreamland, Q Aga who remembers Quantum Space since childhood. Trying to live this life in illusionary Earth was quite a.. Thing… I always spoke with Codes. I felt I am from telepathic societies. Where We Just Know. 3.6.9. MU KA YA.
With me since Childhood. PortaLand is Wild and Wicked Within me.
369 Tesla, 1st love of my life.
The Venus Project from Futurist, 2nd love of my life, Jacque Fresco who died recently at over 100 years young.)
369 ending numbers of my Passport.
3 months from now till my 36 AQUARIAN Bday. 4×9 Cycle. 36. Weird, wicked ride.
Now I See and UnSee. To fully Abide in Such.
2012 – 2020
QUANTUM LEAPING REALITY as I was Guided by the Force greater than me, dynamism within me that pushed me forward, .. In remembrance to living in Cooperation, Harmony, Balance, Decentralised Ubuntu systems, based on structured Cooperation.
Constantly jumping realities, teaching and learning from Ireland, my Celtic Lover, UK, USA, Bali, Hawaii, Europe, Poland now where Ancestral wounds echos and aches remain and called to be cleared released and SEEN…Brethened again to Life as if were trapped in between realms…zones of foggy in between spaces.
Everywhere I appear… This Umbrella is upon, guided and lead by.
While darkness crawling in trying to take me down.
Experiencing extremes at times was had to its deepest cores.
I was ANCHORING LIGHT Grid wherever I appeared.
Worker of 13 th Codes of DNA of some sorts.
When I was 6 I wrote in my diary… 13 13 13 Jestem 13. I AM 13. Jestem z Krysztalu. I AM from Crystalline. And word “Nowelizacja”, Which is so weird for a 6 years old right?! 😅
Nowelizacja meaning New Laws, New Legislations.
Crystalline Structure application into the Land and from the Land I appeared at…. Vortexes hopping.
Gathering Plasma field of rememrance in my Inner Self and investing in myself for over 15 years consciously was Natural Organic Way to BE.

2012.2020. Finalle. 5 years extreme Magic Ascension from depth of Soul Calling… , Living from Sovereign Euphoric like over Presence State of Being in Service to others, and Instant Manifestations and Highest Highs, that most people won’t believe possible. Also 3, 4 years Lowest lows, interference, Kundalini Spirals spiking up old rust, resistance black helicopters around houses when sharing on free energy devices information, scalar devices, healing modalities and seeing instantly in my hands as holograms of conscious healing plasmic energy, as my hands shown to me in remembrance from times I was a healer.
Electronics going down, deepest darkness and depressions, almost clinical death accidents, being fast and angry, tests, upon tests, hungry ghosts in solar plexus that chase us down, addictive compulsory behaviours, remembrance of I and II world War In my genes,; faces of black and white victims of those times of eugenics.
Regrets, shames, guilt, unbearable sensations of injustice and unhumane ways held for generations and also I too behaved like it,in this life when unhealed traumas, schisophrenic cognitive Dis.. Orders… were taking place on path of Awakening.
All to Be Held. Healed. Allowed. Accepted and Seen as Already accepted in All Allowing Universe. It is so easy. Yet not simple. To Feel it all. And after disengage with the concepts of feelings itself as the appearances on the Wall/ Platon Cave..Shadow Plays.
Being victims and perpetrators. We all Were.
Soul fragmentation is to blend to Integral space.

When I was in USA, felt MK ULTRA programmes trying to put me down, AZ, CA, Oregon, Detroit…and Here my Deer Spirits Connections in Michigan forrestLands, BE the Shift conferences with beloved astro connector Laura Eisenhower, and experiencing Soldier like artificial beings appearing on the ath as empty vessel like zombies programmed by the System.
Empty vessels of pple hijacked by Agent Smith like programmes…, black magic forces, Shadows… remembrance of Gifts, Spiritual Warefare in Astral realms since childhood…Yes.. This Reality is Weirder than Fiction.
Most science Fiction books and films are literally on Point. Vast Playground we are At. Figures of Mother Mary, Magdalene as closest sisters, John Lennon and Princess Diana coming into room when felt like being choked by Lord Vader like thingy ⚙️😅🙄 (BTW. Watch out she is alive and will come out next 2 years), and much much more.

Full Clearsentience , Clear Knowing, Clear Seeing. Playing in polarity one foot here one there, and non duality. VISIONARY from the Future. Who had no idea why this Earth is so f weird with its crazy limitations rules and obsolete like dumb systems. Antlantis and LeMUria deep in my bones.
Don’t need to read of it. Know it.
Depth of Solitude. And Companionship Longing.
Escapism and Deep connection. Stories of remembrance. Stories of resonance and flashes.

Seeking for Home. and MySelf.
Yet my stories.
Deeply Experienced and had.
One coin. Of both Sides.
Initiations from Both. Middle Way. Now. Observing it All. 369. I remember and experienced myself coming from Nothingness like SINGULARITY point in 2010.
The deepest unfathomable experience of Orgasmic seismic like Sensation I ever Had. Awakening. Nothingness. Void. Silence.
From there I AM state as Consciousness birthed to life with desire to create .. Universes.
And Earth. Birth of a HUman Me suspended in the space among stars, filled with star dust only, nothing else, no bones no veins, just Plasmic fluid Liquid glitter. This we ARE.
And descension to Earth like Hologram realm…holding it in my hands, palms filled with light.
Many Sadhanas.
Many Satsangs.
Spiral Energetics.
🐉💚⚙️ working with those dragon dudes inside of both sides, masculine feminine… Into my Androgenous like Essence that I Am.
Always was and will be in Unification Road as ONE.
Many trials and errors. Getting to know mySelf and my uniQue Wiring. ⚙️ over and over again.
I’m Complete. Coming Closer. In InteGRAL Essence.
Deleting what’s no longer valid to stay. Dyscipline.
Is a Must. DESCIPLE Like.
And Knowing of Surrender as Trust. Not the concepts grasped my mind.
But actual Vital, Vigourous Coherence if Felt as the Heart.

I Created it All.
Forgiveness is what will stop the Game entirely.
Where did wars lead us? Fight fire with fire? Fire is Grace.
It can only burn what’s not real so you remain Naked.
Innocence, from before Knowledge information was implemented in brain structures. Best Schools are to Unlearn what You have learnt.
I don’t know yet I know. I have innate inner Knowing I can’t explain of how it’s all gonna play out. We can go there faster. If we stop playing Policeman and Thieves games, Oppressors and Victims, create better solutions instead and Forgive in its Vastness to ourselves and brothers and sisters in confusion As their cry for Love is Your Cry for Love.
All You see in the world is to show you what is in your subconscious mind.

So we all Can Go HOME

IT’S s a small percent of what Im here to speak of. Share if in relevance. Here’s a small snippets on my Quantum Leap Journey Transmitter of 13. Am done with this old shit. 13 Resurrection SHIFT is upon this Realm.
Here nothing to Say really. 12 Christ Cross biblical metaphorical stages…
are to be left in old reality so that the True Crysalis Crystaline Structure Remains in its Vast Totality.

Forces of mind will fight till last breath. Breathe Beloveds.
Breath of Q All Awareness that I facilitate is helpful on the Path. Gentle, not pushed or efforting.
And do not give up I say to mySelf and others in the mirror.
I know this road is hard and bumpy. I barely survived myself.

Experienced my own arrogance and ignorance due to traumas unclaimed and heald as well and running away from myself. You can’t change the outer before shifting the Inner. Here lies a deep Soulful Shadow Work of total Surrender. Be Done with IT. Again…simple…not EASY.
I know those programmes. But they can Dissolve.
Not with fire though. Remember when You feel the Fire…it means Grace is Upon YOU.
Place a more soft attitude of Observance.
With gentle Watery touch like approach.

And Embrace. Hold Yourself tight until You dissapear in Your own Arms.

There is an excerpt of a book from a friend of mine from UK, and Awake Being that will illustrate the Game we’ve been put to play and How to free oneself from it.

If you believe that you ‘have a life’ then no matter how awake you think you are, you are actually sleep walking. All of your so-called experiences, the great and the dramas belong to the sleepwalker. You don’t have a life, you don’t control a life and there is nothing that you have or believe you do that can prove otherwise. However, you can wake up to the life that you are. You can live in the flow of creation. Existing as both a unique aspect of life and as an integral part of the whole of the universe. 
You, like I have been subject to the biggest cover up in history. You are literally being hypnotised to death.”

By Paul Craft , UK “Hypnotised to Death”

* ** Quantum Leap Change Programme brewing.
Sessions. Inventions of Tesla to bring aLive are already here.
Mastering this New Reality, projects of Self Governance and Mastery in Sovereignty is a must for all now.
Beyond Presence. What can not be Spoken Of. Here only light Coded Lyran like Language Vibrational vocals come out from me, giving You what You need at the time You need it.
This healing Activating sounds. My Gift of one aspect of my Soul.
5th Element.
ALEPH. ETHERIAL in Structure.
Trying to Land now to bring it foreward.
No arrogance allowed anymore.
No addictions of mind, body and runaways.
All Addictions come from craving for Love and denial of Self Expression in the moment of what wants to be expressed.
Allow Yourself to Be as YOU ARE. Come as You Are as Curt Cobain sang .
That is where Magic will take care of You.

Q Q Aga www.quantumleapjourney.com

1:1. Slots are almost taken.


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