YOU Must Dissolve Entirely to SOLVE. Surrender into Nothingness.

Hide and Seek in Between Twilight Zones… Where Unconscious Conscious and Unknown Meet in Elevated REVELATION…
Dissolving… Dis SOLVE ing…
Dissolve to Solve
Where DreamStateLand PortLand PortaL-Land* and U-na-VOID-able Become as ONE. HERE I will remain. Can not be unDone. What has already been Experienced.
NOVE-lisation. in my SOUL.

Here at night in Grace looking upon stars in Awe and planting barefeet deply in the cold soil in Felt PAIN of this Slavic Land PoLand * a Country of Round Table from History Echos that I feel more and more Alive those days .. I remember The Arthur Round Table of Knights too.

The Great AVALONIA that rings deeply in my Inner World and Soul In Between Worlds I stand Here on the Sacred Hills… where Lay Lines and Grids of the World Meet. .. Working with Grid Lay Lines of Earth since 2012 when First Clarion Call got into depth of my Inner Being… Always being guided to those places no matter what country I was living In … Ireland, My Sacred Tara Hill, Newgarnge, and many more spots, where Celtic Kings and Queens are deeply aLive in each Breeze, where Mystical IS Real and as Real as in Polish Hills, USA, Bali, Europe where my @QuantumLeapJourney took me over the years…… Where I plant Seeds and Anchor what my Soul carries from millenia I was a teacher and mentor and a Student of better Ones who came before me…

I Play with and Know how Open Portals and See them from childhood times… When Shadows strike they will close. Not allow Your Heart to do so until You purify… I know this state too well too… Perfected Quantum Qi as rememberenca grew stronger and stronger each year in midst of even worst havocs run in and on my Soul… The Feeler… the Empath… the SEER, …a curse and Gift in One. and then the World of HUman relations… and stories upon stories and stories….

Playing the thief and a policeman, an abused and Abuser, a Victim and a Culprit , an aLive and Frozen One… When Echos of Traumas surface as Hungry Ghost of patterns saved in cellular level from the beginning of times it felt at times… I know them well… I used to be lost in them as well… stories…

And Now I find myself I can’t seem to find words the last years as only Light Language feels valid, True and from BeYond the words of separation… Denying what’s aLIVE in me makes no sense anymore. Even words are of Separation… Trying to bring this Beyond Living to the ground. After all I came to Be a ground Crew Wayshower. No matter if known or behind the scenes. I See feel from Heart – the Light coded messages comes out in spontaneous alignment to what is needed and must occur in that perfection of a moment. Living moment to moment…

Life after awakening years ago… Knowing my Essence and releasing only what’s REAL as Healing and Guiding Compass. Finding Silver Lining Here on the Horizon where Worlds blend, merge and dance in between realms in the Silent mysty zone of foggy veil… Here where Dancing with Shadows makes no sense anymore…. As For where Real GOLD mine resides is in the Depth of DARKNESS, not merely in chasing shadows. In Dark Lands of Blinding VOID …I meet my Dragon friends and Flow the Wave of the Darkness with only Heart Compass as Navigation Device. Here I feel most aLive. This world I wanna Share. This is where I come from .
Where Nothing Darkness Everythingness and UniQue Soul Blueprint Meet as ONe and Clarity becomes Radiant.. Step by Step Breath by Breath… Where I seed further Dreams …Into Matter world as a Satelite from BeYond. Can’t realise all Myself so I throw them with Abundant throw onto the fields, into the Etheric Waters from all around You…

So when You Listen carefully ENOUGH…You will catch a glimpse , hold it tight if relevant and make Into MATTER here on this Illusionary Earth Grid we fell from Grace upon… Ahooooooo from the Fields of Gold , Polish AvaloniA, Polish GardeniA, Quantum EdeniA .

Where Mystery Meets Reality in One Blend.

Q Aga Quantum Leap Journey since 2012.
Half Shadow/Half LIGHT/Half in Darkness of Darkest Dark… 8 Years in Completion coming to 9….where all 3 Will Blend … Into Singularity from where I came… and what I remember experientially from this life.
To my A-Quarious B-day in January if it will Be freely Given to Enliven To.

01010101010101…36 9 369 333 36 4×9 Cycle / half/half.

All my LOVE.


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