Ascension vs Descension. Get Down to E-ART-h. Art-fully.

It’s not about ASCENSION folks.
You all wanna go above.
You came from there.
It’s about Descension.Β πŸ’­
Please Breathe it in.
Its Peace there. Its Radiancy. It’s Splendid Tranquility and Unity in Essence of Living.
I know coz I remember. Always did as a kid. And also after 2 near death experiences in this plane.
I carry those codes, as do many.
I know what they hold and the potency of what’s possible.
Hence walking this weird systems here was just pure WTF is going on in here…. Kind of thing…
From Purity to Mud, dust and many times fucking myself over and over again in utter misunderstandings of the way systems are run here.
Walking as lotus, having natural OBE experiences all the time in teenage and my twenties, living in Service but also tasting total diversity in opposite overtaken downspirals survival modes and acting from primal atomized version of myself as well. Both. Like in reverse.
Its like landing here on Earth in a Human suit and not knowing how to operate the vessel of emotional weirdness and pple acting from competition and not cooperation and so much underneath pain stored under the surface.
I remember other ways and world.. That I also Remember Seeding myself to Existence from Original Point of Creation.
New Earth Structures. I remember the way it worked there.

So here I Am. Tasted both. Utter Purity and giving my unconditional love out loud on an open heart container since childhood and leaking myself totally and tasting the Rapture, primal essences of survival structures and how that behaviour operates when unconsciously activated in Cerebral cortex. It ain’t pretty and leads to guilt, shame and more lower baggage.
Ancestral lineages, codes passed for generations of trauma trapped in both father mother lines to digest and Transcend.
The Work is Real and Not easy.

Only after tasting in full the Duality we can know the so called enemy and Know the other side to even attempt to Unify and come back to Innocent Essence of The Merge. Total Radical Acceptance and deep Knowing of Both.
All fragments into Convergence.
Here I Am. Aleph, Air, Aether and Water that are my Strengths… Trying to make peace with Ground, Metal and Fire on Earth.

So I figured at one stage we must make this Human experience as Art-ful as possible.
As a word eARTh withOut Art in the middle would just remain a mere… eh..πŸ€”πŸŒπŸ’­πŸ‘†πŸ’š

I believe everything can be unfucked.
Once committed and done so… It moves to becoming unfuckwithable standing for what’s Right at Purity of Heart.
I believe we must gather and seek Community of like kindred Spirits resonating same way to make a dent here in bigger way and Higher scale.

The Knowing is there.
Dive deep to Remember.
So again… It’s about Descension not Ascension.
We came from Up to Implement what we Feel and remember at heart of Hearts πŸ’š is Right.
Learning one step at a time.
And the Celestial Higher Self said…. Prepare Yourself for Experiment Experience called Planet Earth… Here We Go…. .πŸŒπŸ˜…πŸ‘†πŸ™„πŸ‘ŒπŸ™πŸŒπŸŒŽ

Projects unfolding.
Q Aga
Quantum Leap Journey


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