IN MY DEREAM WE ALL WIN. BeYond all Labels.


For today – This. JUST This. IN MY DEREAM WE ALL WIN.

In the era where You are bombarded from left right with more and more and more certification programmes, seminars, webinars, gaining yet another credential certificate and yet another and another piece of paper …. I urge You to STOP.
And Get to what the core of what is really REAL. True and HEART-Birthed for YOU.
You do not need another label.
In fact You need less.
You are not a certification diploma.YOu can have tonnes of them and be stupid. Does it really help you Know yourself better.
Energy Intelligence where the focus shall remain first together with Emotional Intelligence.
If they are in certain Alignent , you become YOUR OWN course, diploma and Master degree.
Mark my words.

I AM Pure Conscious Energy.
I AM Whole. I am One.
I AM not the Ego
I AM Multidimensional 🎵
I AM timeless, eternal and infinite
I AM Creative
I AM Love
Excerpt of 7 agreements from the Link book. By Kendra Jonas. X
Qi Aga I Am.

Q Aga
#iamthatiam #Change #BeTheChange #enough #ComeAsYouAre #hungryghosts


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