QuantumAgaReminders and ponderings upon all that’s going on… : ❤ I see so many obsessing over all these spiritual news. It’s always about the new “energy forecasts”, the latest channelings, the latest predictions for the future… I mean… I see why it may be appealing to some who may be desperate for good news, to those who are waiting for external circumstances to change, in order for them to be capable of Enjoying their Existence.
I see the point. “Oh yeah look! The magnetic pole just shifted position, something grand is about to happen on the planet!”. Come on… Something grand is already happening within your being. But you always forget to allow it, because you’re focused on very distracting, natural, but external occurrences.You do not need energy forecasts, no energy beyond your own is capable of affecting you, when you choose so. You do not have to waste your Breath of Awareness into incubating endless spiritual knowledge, news, forecasts, channelings, horoscopes…If you are ready, it’s time to relax beyond all of this.It’s time to stop waiting for the world to change and BECOME THE CHANGE.

CommitmentDeterminationPoint of ChoiceBreath of AwarenessDedication Trinity One in Multidimensionality Multidimensionality in One.Surrender intoJoyNot repairing Artificial TimelineCreating a NEW One to make old Obsolete We are in that NOW.Unity in Diversity
Navigating Multidimensional Awareness…and Anchoring IN Light Dark Codes of New Ways Of Existence … the GREAT MERGE INTO SINGULARITY… Beyond all and anything You ever were taught /made believe/ perceive/ encoded with and lied withBeyond any rules ever set and staged. Except for UNIVERSAL LAWS. Those remain untained.
QUESTION EVERYTHING AND I MEAN E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G . Only this way we can break the cycle.
Dive INLive to Love Love to Live

Focus on G(o)OD . When we lack meaning . calling and purpose of the Heart – we are vulnearable and victimized by our minds , agendas of deep state and laws made by others to oppress us. Suppression can no longer stand within nor without.
The time has come. and it is NOW. I know the hardship of this Journey. I know the taste of utter bipolarity and deepest darkness of the Souls. One must Look at it all to embrace with Grace. A Space needs to be Held and met with this Vast Empty and Full Grace. Surrender to It to the Unknown state and let it wash You away with the Conscious Flow of Real True Way of BE-ing .

For this we must swear to let go OF IT ALL. AND INto UNKNOWN Fully.
TAKE A STEP before a stair appears.

*I know how hell , tightness, anrigid pressure crumbling down on you feels like. I know the pain, the hurtle, the struggle, the hopelessness, the helplessness, the fear, the manipulations and lies of our own minds, I know states of schisophrenia, of Bipolarity, of all hell break loose and yada yada yada…more…I know the taste of suffering, of addictions and complultions, I know it All. I know the vast empty hole in the stomach. I know black magic charms spells made on vulnareable field of one’s aura and shielding techiques now.I know the deepest heartbreaks caused by me as well, the unbalanced masculine and feminine and its raging havoc if in unmastered way. I Mastered it all. I know the premature kundalini rising effects and its disastrous effects on the system. I know deepest traumas, psychotic states and misunderstandings of all that is happening to you. I KNOW. I ‘ve been there. I FEEL. I experienced it all. Happenings, experiences, emotions,….. giving your power away, seeking…there is a WAY from this MAYHEM….I am not here to prescribe You a medication from a book. I am not here to MEDICATE.
I am here to make You Feel BeY*OND. You are not late. Hovewer deep in Shit you may feel yourself in…. You can Claim the Fame of Your Heart Spirit Truth. Now. _____________

Even if YOU feel on rock bottom. No better state to bounce back up, right? In Strength, In Power. IN and as a NEW. Neo – YOU
I’m picking up my sessions. Q Soul Body Fusion and Directions for the New You :Here …with Quantum Leap Change Journey Path holding to nothing claiming it ALL and releasing the old. Has to be Done. Now More than ever. Are YOU ready : Q Aga http://www.quantumleapjourney.com


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