Embrace Your Multidimensionality. End the Struggle. Addictions. Go BeYond.

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes” .
Walt Whitman
Let yourself BE the Way You Are.
Come as You are. No need to wait for opinions of others and double checking.
Uncensor YourSelf for fok sake.
You’ve outgrown Your Cage.
Its too tight.
This Gorset is killing you.
It belongs to medieval times.
Unpin yourself. Unzip yourself.
Breath can’t flow through the scafander suit.
Embrace the Vastness of You.
Learn and observe the multitudes playing.
Do not suffocate it.
Though Hold Golden rule in your pocket.
You are multidimensional Being.
You contain Entirety of all That Is.
Navigating this dream suit like reality.
Feel yourself.
Feel Yourself.
Do not abandon the way you Feel.
Do not try to change it.
Do not try to make it different.
Embrace the fire, the water, the air… Elements coming up within you.. Be with each one of them as they arise.
Balance and harmony come from acknowledging all of You.
Not censoring.
I’m just gonna leave this hang here.
All is about to Change.
Sweet, obedient, nice girl/boy lives here no more.
There is time for sweet love and fierce love.
Grace is Both.
Rage you feel under your skin… gonna either destruct you or Construct you.
How it’s gonna Be?
Are you ready to stop asking for permission to be You?
Make mistakes, fail, get up, fail better, fail more, reflect, learn, dust of, reflect and move forward.
Meet yourself in Entirety.
Rage. Use it to Be You and Express yourself unapologetically. Meet it.
Hold it. Befriend it wholelistically.
Nothing else matters.
Trust me.
Nothing. And I mean it.
Be present to all of You.
Entire Pallette.
Observe and let it flow via You.
Breathe. Make Space.
Suppression leads to addictions, self destructive behaviours and creates ripples of not aligned particles sent into the field.
You suppress coz you feel it shouldn’t be there.
But it’s there. Deep. Dark matter.
You feel cut in half. Under the ribcage. Tightness makes you a victim to self indulging patterns of behaviours learnt in childhood as protective armour from Not Feeling.
Time to drop it. All of it.
How are You in This Now?
Not tomorrow or yesterday. Now.
I AM Who I Am in each and every moment.
Now. And Now. And Now.
Different. A mysfit. Undefinable.
I AM Who I Am.
A pet and a Monster.
Tamed and Untamed.
With golden rule at Heart in both cases.
And no, am not gonna apologise for it.
My Heart is Open. I take it All In.
All parts of myself are welcomed Here.
In flesh and Beyond.
Q Aga
Will you have the courage to Meet your Real Self as well? And not double check and wait for opinions of others?
Come… Closer…Alice, In Sophianic Stage Play….
Here I will meet you as You. ALL OF you.*
Q Aga
Container. Hub. Sessions. Courses. Life of Q Aga – Uncontained. :
Come , feel, Discover YourSelf.

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