Seed Love. Harvest LOVE in each and every NOW. No Global Meditations Needed. Become a Meditation NOW.

My, Q Aga, 2 Cents on #GlobalMeditations vs #BeingMeditationInEachAndEveryNow as the World seems going really fixated on them …and if you can see they come in circulations at all times.
Father Sky
Mother Earth… YOU KNOW….. and carry the Key, deeply In and Beyond all time and space
In every Now Now Now moment…return to your Heart.
Refocus on what Love would see with your eyes. Through Your eyes. What is Looking? What I is there to SEE through Your eyes?
How Love would respond versus how Fear would react…
Global meditations are nice but what about…. Making Every nano second of your life as Meditation in, from and through as Love in Action.
Direction Love.
Focus Love.
Response Love
Swallowed by Love
Practicing Love
Being, walking, breathing, sitting meditation of Love in each and every moment…

What about that? Versus certain timings, that remind of ..coming to the church for a mass , tick off….and then go about your day as usual.
What about being focused on Love, Divine Harmony, Joy, Peace, Kindness Solutions, Prosperity, Thriving, Health, Restoration of this Planet and your life in the Now?
In every hour, every minute, every second… Not only at 11 am or 11 pm this day and tomorrow…
Where is tomorrow? Have you seen it? Assuming you need to meditate at this and this hour the next 2,3 days is assuming that You can not have it done with NOW!…. always in the future, so you sit in meditation today in the name of Global sitting meditation but having in mind that you gonna sit tomorrow and the next day coz of “special energies “ coming to Planet puts you outside of this moment now .
As if it could not happen and be done with NOW. Today this second…
Coz there will alwyas be a tomorrow concept of meditation and the meditation done today at 11 am or 11 pm as sources propell you to do and join will not bring COMPLETION ..coz…hey… we need to do this tomorrow and after tomorrow as well.
Am I the only One who shares this perception?
Doesn’t it circulate Fear inside and takes you outside the present moment to fall IN Love with?
I challenge us all to do so. Starting from Now.., 7.50 am here…as good as 11am or 10:23 am etc etc. …
I am all about CONNECTION , don’t get me wrong. Gather and Create as Nahko Bear sang, but create in the now from Love in each moment in compilation with Wisdom and I truly BElieve the changes will be much greater. Please feel into It. Deeply today.
What Are we trying to change? The World outside?
But isn’t it a reflection of Your/Our internal Environment?
So how about cultivating Your Own Garden first, like philosopher Kant once wrote about.
I dare to ASSUME THAT THEN AND ONLY THEN …. THERE WILL BE NO MORE WEEDS IN THE WORLD THAT You are so trempted to go and de-root from outside.
Roots are DEEP IN-SIDE of each and every one of us. Roots are not outside.
I am not saying tdo not take action and disobey the attrocities or injustice seen in the world and align with conformity.
I am saying BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD first like Gandhi had shown us. Managing to make over 200 mln people follow his Peaceful – non reaction based, Harmonious Embodiment and not fighting the old. By an example he created a Movement out of no assumed movement to create in the first place. It birthed through Him from Deep inner Knowing what to do/be – come as in that moment in time.
Like a Vessel for ESSENCE/ial “Action” in BEing embodied in responce to the Call of Grace that I truly believe Awoke in Him and lead him to what was necessary/righteous.
So what I am saying here would be to water the flowers In your own Internal Garden first and de-root the weeds that are no longer in service to Your Life well-BEing. Not with pesticided angry approach but with compassionate, yet fierce Letting go of into the fire and Light of Grace it so longed for to become as One with .
Then, I dare to assume, the world will be full of flowers as well.
You will no longer need meditation. You meditate – contemplate on weeds – why are there tHERE and what would be a solution to them. But You don’t meditate on Flowers.
You just Love the flowers. Coz They ARE. And only when You will truly BE – You will be able to see and Feel this deeply. When You ARE – You will love the flowers , coz they ARE.
They just ARE simply themselves with no effort to Exist.
You will meet flowers with love, engage with and cherish them with similar resonance as cultivated in YOUR Heart-Lungs-Bloodstream- BEING.

Your Mind is a GARDEN, Your Thoughts are the Seeds. You can GROW Flowers of You Can grow Weeds

So I say contemplate and meditate on You… Your Life, see the shadows lurking in the corners of your etheric colon … address some deep shit there to be dealt with with. Apply some true, blunt Honesty. To be seen carried inside for so long and to be DE-COLON-oscopied as in “QUARANTINED” to its PURITY.
Purified in and by the waters of Compassionate Grace.Maybe this is what this whole Quarantine is HERE for…? Maybe it is Here for exactly that?

Maybe We are here to first Compassionately look within and see what inside of You might be putting a brick layer to those attrocities being played outside in the seeming world?
#Karuna – Compassion IN Action towards Your-Self and reflected for many.
#Globalmeditation starts from the Now and in this NOW it can become the True Remedy, a medication of ethernal sort injected and rooted deeply within , so you will SEE with Real I-eyes that no meditation will be ever needed. You will BE-come a meditation, coz of Medication that You chose to Invest into, Dived Inside and Injected ethernally into your “veins” as a Fluid of God. A kind of perpetuum mobile that will ALWAYS BE in circulation in your inner stream. A life Giving Force in constant FLOW. Let’s STOP for a second and Meditate on THAT.
With Love *
Q Aga
Note : I am NOT denying any kind of Meditations in Togetherness with rightous Intention. I Allow it as well. Coz it is already allowed. All I point here is , that it is crucial to work on our OWN shit first so we can bring to the table more of purified sense of Awareness of this Peace Love Unified field held within, in comparison to trying to faking the feeling of such inside, as it can not fully break through the distorted or stuck pipes inside hiding the unworked with parts of traumas that were not addressed, seen, compassionated, forgiven, loved … We live in the AND Consciousness. Inclusive Universe that does not judge. I am not here to judge either and there is no such intention in this article. It is This AND That focus. Not This OR That that makes a Difference. Inclusive. Not Exclusive. And to make the World go Round in a more peaceful manner , All I am saying is – to BECOME Really Peaceful with all of our most unwanted parts inside that hold the keys to ripple in effect of more Flowers in the world and less weeds to “fight”



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