*The Era of Heart*fullness. *** May WE Call it IN-to our Lives 2020

Embracing, Allowing, and Calling IN *The Era of Heart*fullness. *** and HEART – full Connections might be the most Important and necessary mean for Human and Planetary survival.
Mind is a Robot. It is literally out of control Automatic walking talking disaster.
Under no circumstances trust it nor follow its sneaky endeavours.
It will lead you to jail at its best case scenario … It is erratic, distorted, distractive, chaser of a carrot and implanted with more programmes your TV set carries. Noise.
It is vital to practice Mindfullness….but I will go a bit further and say Mindfulness may become crooked in its way . What I proclaim would be what I call Heart*fullness.
Risk it all to uncover the Heart Voice.
Nothing else Matters.
But True Connection to One’s Heart will demand all from you…
The Fire of unearable temperature is there…. will WE bare ?
#Mindfullness #heartWisdom



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