“If YOU won’t be willing to be a Fool you will never become a Master”


BE THE FOOL* Dare to Be the FOOL. A Mysfit. A MadHatter.
“If YOU won’t be willing to be a Fool
you will never become a Master”
– J. Peterson, my favourite clinical, American psychotherapist and psychoanalytic, speaker, author.
Breathe in those words. Gold is there.

All I can say is BE YOU. DARE TO BE You. No matter what. Risk it all to Find Yourself and Self-Express with no comparison to how you are supposed to be, no should and shouldn’ts allowed here. No status Quo. Question how things are.
OWNing your unique design and craziness is the most important thing one can do for yourself and the world.

I really can’t tame my Madness anymore, so will let it loose.
It gives me a significant Sigh of Relief. And honestly will make it my Life purpose, among many other, to help others find, uncover, redesign their Life Calling/PURPOSE tuned to their Uniquely structured Inner SELF – Soul Madhouse. And with no fear of being judged, pointed at and laughet at – SHARE THEIR TRUTH, aligned with and IN Service to others polarity.

Q Aga
Quantum Leap Journey

With Love,
Q Aga
Make a Conscious Journey NOW:
Session. Guidance. Reading, HELP – step by step. For HIghly determined to DIve DEEP and QUantum LEAP to CHANGE THEIR LIFE and make it LAST. Container fr all addictions as well and re-arrangement, reset.to Purity:
1:1, or 8 weeks container in a HUB. Quantum Leap CHANGE Journey / Incubator.

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