Call-IN All Mad/Crazy Ones.There is A Way via Darkness and Light – To WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

A WORD ON CRAZY PEOPLE *** or those who are called total Bunkers and not aligning with the present Social Paradigm…. those who do not FIT IN.
“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs
Those who feel deep at heart ❤ that there is something wrong with the way the world is being run.
You do not belong and fit in coz you came here to BUILD a NEW way of BEING and a New System structure.
A Brand New World….. not fighting the old…
Let them throw rocks at You…. Do not throw stones Back at them. After All…You too are not without sin, ha? 😉 we all know this about ourselves…
Instead…..Pick the rocks and build a Bridge out of them. A Rainbow one if neccessary but deeply rooted in Ground. Make it not a floaty One. Root it IN. Create Foundation.
A Bridge to a New System – with Peace at Heart. Do YOUR Thing. stone by stone. Brick by Brick. There are others doing it. You feel Alone and You feel often you wanna give up. DO NOT. There are Others. There is Your Tribe out there and they too feel same as You. DO YOUR THING. You will meet each others. You will collectively find each other and combine Forces. Just Trust now. Just Trust and have Faith at Heart. And do not stop.
You can not fight fire with Fire. Build a new way, so the old way becomes obsolete in reflection to how it can be with placed in New Solutions.
If You consider YOURSELF ONE – a so called Mad One. Keep on reading.
There is An Awakening Bible written long ago – if You having troubles and tribulations during these intense times ….go read it. There are Golden nuggets there that will soothe Your Soul.
It’s called “Allice IN The Wonderland “.
Keep on Going.
There are others. There is a Way.
There is a Path less walked and beaten and You are ON IT. You KNOW deeply at Heart You are. You try to deny it.
You try to run away from it. You doubted it so many times.
We all did.
But somehow it comes back and back and back…and sometimes you wished it didn’t. But it does. It’s stubborn as fuck. …
And every time it comes back again You feel you going more Crazy.
But what is Crazy really? Drop the definition of it You heard from the system you so strongly do not belong to. Drop those labels and descriptions you might be assigning to what is going on with you. IN-stead Embrace it.
Trust that YOU are not alone . THERE are others like You longing for Cooperative Spirit to work tOgether.
Where Competition does not exist.
Where mutual help and GIFTING Your own unique way of Being and passionate gifts that Your Soul came here to introduce to the World can Thrive Naturally and bring more Goodness to this World .
You don’t fully yet Know what those gifts are. But You feel them strongly and step by step doing your work.
You get frustrated as f. with how the things are and why the entire system and world is upside down.
Draw from this frustration Fire and use it to Your advantage.
I can show You how. And I create Containers/Incubators for those Gifts to come stronger and Be KNOWN. BE SEEN. And Finally BE SHARED in Full Shine.
“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs
Q Aga – (aka Mad Hatter.)
Quantum Leap Journey
Quantum Leap Change Academy/Incubator
Leaping tOgether. – No more Alone. Instead – All-As ONE.
One crew. One Tree. Many Branches.
Come find out Yours. Come. All is welcomed HERE.
Sessions/Quantum Consultancy Sessions / Self Reflections/Recognitions/QuantumSpirit-Soul-Body-Fusion sessions, Tools to Navigate, and Much more 
With Love, Q Aga
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