Do Not Act unless it comes from Purity of what You uncover INside of Your HEART. BE Patient with Yourself.

#AgasQuantumReminsers BE Immersed in UNITY of Your Own Way, do not compare yourselves to what others are doing. Put all this month on Inner Listening to That Voice of True YOU. *
How I see it….
It does not matter if it is 1st of January or 4th or 20th or 2nd of February or 15th etc…. Remember that any Action that we take is to be coming FROM the Place of utmost Purity, Alignment and Inner Silence/Stillness and Not generated from Fear or Lack.
So check in with yourself often – where are you coming from…. * If in doubt…reach out for accountability partners/mentors/etc.
Otherwise, You will bring that energetics into what you are doing/creating and after all it will come down spiral along the year.
For ourselves and the surrounding.
So judge Yourself Not. Work on inner Stillness, Listen to the Truth inside, the Whispers from Your Soul, if it means …wait…then Wait….to receive CLEAR TRUE INSPIRATION and not mere “I gotta do something ! coz it is New Year resolution time!” Have the Bigger Picture in Mind, KNOW that You are a part of something Greater that wants to come through, but do not act from lack and fear no matter what.
Above all what matters most is AUTHENTIC INSPIRATION of Self Expression in this World. Take one step at a time and each time…. Listen. It is time to move forward but also from 2 steps back to check in with your Self, to listen, to Not rush….see what works for You and what does not.
The medicine for one man is another man’s poison. Risk Everything to uncover Your Core Self.
Listen. Feel.
Be Patient.
Do not Rush.
Go Slowly to Accelerate when time is right.

Marinate to Break the Shell when it’s TRULY ready.
BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE. Do Not Act unless it comes from Purity of what You uncovered INside of Your HEART.
Reach out for guidance, work with accountability partner, whatever works to go above tricks of the mind to avoid and stick to old ways … and make this year a Year of Risking it all to Find, Discover/Uncover what lies beneath the surface, under the Skin….
Make it Your Challenge for next 2 months.
And do not let judgements of others bring you off the track.
Do not go the beaten track.
Dig Deeper. Find Your Voice Aga

Support in this Challenge :

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