GIFT OR CURSE ? Whatever the definition and meaning given…we MUST OWN it. * But How? ->

Have You ever had this feeling…? I know, Sometimes it feels like… Both…. Gift and Curse at the same time intense….to live in a society where I feel I incarnated like 1000000000000 years too early. … πŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’œ
Like coming from entire other way of being, existing and dimensions.. …. I guess the only thing left is to do one’s best during this lifetime to merge them both and bring forth it all to Now. We all need this sacred time for ourselves to bring forth this merge, to give yourself time for that. No matter how out of the box system it may be seen as. This journey was not easy…since early childhood since I remember …and I know…I feel You too… Shedding last layers these days facing whats real… And understanding it all from another level… Inner Depth… Through The vortex of Mysteriously Assembled Access point….where all start to merge in one’s own unique energetic vessel of Essence… This Thing… Called Life….phew… To be Grounded fully. Here lies the work. In Embodying Life with certain ways and tools that bring results. Ask yourself today…and sit with this… WHAT IS TRYING TO EMERGE ITSELF THROUGH ME? πŸ’œπŸ’š
What is my Soul’s Zone of Genius? And Listen. And be there for one another. a NEW BIRTH , A NEW ERA To start Uniting and delivering all our gifts to the table, no matter how weird they may seem to the times we live in.. bring them all out… this way we’ll be. #BuildingAnewEarth
A New Dawn is coming…We just all need to OWN the gifts / certain energetics we are in line within as You-Unique_You. It takes some work to rediscover those gifts Be patient, be persistent …don’t give up, step by step…come out of the shell… .
Pin point….me for tools , for guidance, session, for Attunement , for clairentience at..
With Love, Aga

2 thoughts on “GIFT OR CURSE ? Whatever the definition and meaning given…we MUST OWN it. * But How? ->

  1. You are amazing!!!!!! Thank you so much… your e-mails give me so much strength…. they are so exact…. thanks so wo much, Dvorah, Jerusalem, Israel

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    1. Awh..Thank YOU SOUL Much . Thank Made me smile ❀ Please feel free to share. ❀ And You can always connect closer with me in sessions πŸ™‚


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