ONE In Depth (Depp) Advice that can Crack the Code of Matrix…***


Johnny Depp …or shall I say….Johnny’s In DEPTH Advice*****
And one answer… Follow It. May it be the day, the moment, the minute, split second in time…when we all take a DEEP (Depp) Breath and decide on it. Now. ***
In the times of intense Guru collapsing scene all over the world…, ending the era of followers, there is, I’ll humbly say…ONE Damn good Johnny’s advice that embraces all restless Seekers’ hamster wheel search…search for answers from all Guru philosophies…
And the day has come…when WE all need to follow ONE advice given and discover it INside of ourselves. To love ourselves more. All of our parts. We can Align with tools and mentors to keep us accountable. And Share whole Heartedly with another. #Love #WhatIsReal #gottaLoveJohnnyInDEPTH
So my Prayer for today is : May we all experience such Depth INSIDE… May the Sacred Be Enliven.
@quantum.leap.journey Aga
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