“THERE IS No REMEDY FOR LOVE But TO LOVE MORE” – On importance to embrace another’s Pain and fellings – Do not look away.*


What is alive in me today is a new way of thinking towards…rage, anger, fury, grief, sadness, pain of another and uniting it with feeling of Gratitude for it to show up…. CAN GRATITUDE HEAL IT ALL? Let’s take up the glove of this social experiment, shall we?…..

Embrace one another with no judgement. See through the pain. Hold it in healing presence.. Do not look away…. We are all on the Journey Home… Be a beacon of that non judgemental stone for another that most would run away from and judge… Underneath all hatred, rage, anger, and so called lower emotions from another is deeply stored undigested pain… It needs to be held, seen, and connected to in safe space. Isolation will create more pain for that person… Can we recreate the old paradigm of thinking and show up for one another? As all souls yearns for same… For Home and Connection. II believe when we approach another this way… Healing may happen in a speed of light. And integrate over time more esefully. Be brothers and sisters to one another and ourselves.After all this is who we Are. #NonJudgementalApproach it takes immense amount of courage to do so for one another acting not the way we want, but the healing is there… I feel it is time…Humanity…it is time. Saying it as much to You as to My-Self 

The one in front of You is You.
How would You best serve them?
How would You treat them in pain?
….or will you hide away and run away due to the misconception of so called and alive in “spiritual circles” – higher and lower emotions and not wanting to attune to “lower”.
In Truth there is no Lower and higher. If we want to Embody the Absolute TRUTH – do not divide. Embrace and Help one another become WHOLE AGAIN.
We are all in this together and the world needs that Embrace more than ever before these days 

“May we remember to love in the midst of someone’s pain… May we remember that in the midst of deception, revenge, anger etc. is a little one that needs love. Although it may not be easy when it’s in your face. Let’s do our best to not judge the judgements. Love those that aren’t being lovable. Take the higher road in all situations! We can do this. We are doing this. ” V. Bliss.
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