Burning Away What no Longer Serves. Firey #QuantumWish


Ashes to ashes … #QuantumWish

May this little fireplace and its flames burn away what’s no longer aligning with our Highest Human Potential.
May it cleanse and turn into ashes all sticky programming and baggage of false identities carried in heavy subconscious backpacks.
May it burn away all limitations of consciousness and limitations of the mind.
May it turn into dust all calcified rigidity, resistance and agendas hidden in the corridors of habitual patterns running life on autopilot.
May it soften and melt the icy cubes of stiff neurotransmitters stuck on the “Suspension mode button” and hamster wheel cycle, run in human brain via unconsciously set up dynamic.
May it Warm Up, Awaken and OPEN our Hearts so widely that the Wave of its release from inside will send the highest frequency of Loving Kindness in Action towards each Human Being…
May the Fire Burn away all that is to be left behind ( like yesterday  ), May We All Choose to leave behind that One biggest piece of a hindrance that keeps coming up for you, sabotaging you unconsciously.,
This one piece of distraction that jeopardises your Soul’ destiny to be actualised now, that piece you Know of yet postpone to be done with. WE all have those.
May you decide today to BE DONE WITH THIS …habit, pattern, an addiction that had been infringing on your freedom for way too long… MAY TODAY BE THE DAY.
THROW IT INTO THE FLAMES. I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO DO SO NOW. .. not that you need it, but just THROW it… THROW IT … THROW IT INTO the arms of those flames…. They know better what to do with all those fears, limitations, lies, repetitive actions and patterns, guilts, shames, regrets, unworthiness, and blockages lingering around your/our field.
Time to strip ourselves Naked Raw and let the Fire consume the Outer layers, suits, and masks.
Let it go today.
Whatever it is. Consciously choose to make peace with it and say good bye.
And after its done , wake up tomorrow morning to the NEW. 

We are here not to chase to feel better. We are here to become better at FEELING. That is where True Mastery resides.
May the Force be with Us/You’ll ❤

MY #QuantumWish for you All.

Holding Space for |Your Burn and guiding the safe passage at :


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