Meditative Love vs Medicative. “You want Love that is Born out of MEDITATION, not born out of the mind”.

One shall strive for LOVE Out of TRUE Resonance of HEARTS  , and not the false, fearful NEEDING projecting onto another, thinking the void can be filled this way. IT can’t. We will not feel fulfilled out of FEAR based actions in correlation to creating or entering a relationship in search of completion. This kind of completion will be an illusionary one.
And as every illusion…it will collapse sooner or later.
Let’s Focus to Create such LOVE rippling in its effect and touching others. Born in and from purest Truth and not hidden, unconscious agendas we may hold in the background of our unconscious psyche and mental projections. We need to address those. Look deeply within ourselves and be honest.
#InquireIntoThat first, on the Path of searching for feeling Complete.
A LOVE that springs from MEDITATION is the Full Holistic Love … otherwise, it’s going to be Love that springs from MEDICATION. And medication is just like a bandage on a wound. It does not address to uproot the core issue of the “problem”, that was not attended to before. Medication is the surface floating bandage.
Meditation is Lightening the core dark matter inside and uprooting what is no longer serving us. ***
And do not get me wrong, I think We absolutely DO need each other and being there for one another, we do need reflections and mirrors, we do Need attuning to one another … to see our own blind spots… But most of all we Do NEED to be Radically and ruthlessly Honest with ourselves on where we are Choosing to Come from in interactions with others.
And we all wear masks. It’s too scary to take them off. To peel the onion layers of ourselves bringing the tears on the surface instead of acting as if we hold it all together. But it seems it’s the only way. No matter what, and no matter how painful and abnormal it may seem to the mind. This string of vulnerability that we need to open up to is the corridor Path to Wholeness, to Holistic, meditative Love. First withIN and then OUT.
We Do Need More LOVE, not Less. Let’s make sure it comes from more conscious and pure IN~tentions, inner declarations
This is my Wish. For mySELF and All.
Let’s cheer each other up for this kind of Love in Action and state of Being. Let’s UN-chain our longing Hearts. Attune to each other and our own “broken” and yearning Hearts.
Let’s SEED the Right kind of LOVE in times when word LOVE is so often overused by spiritual circles and fake agendas.

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