Take the ROAD LESS TRAVELLED. The Power in Vulnerability.

There is this Heightened state of Sensitivity running behind the veils that You may FEEL on a deep visceral level, yet little does the mind understand. #GoBEyondTheMind
There is this DANCE between POWER and VULNERABILITY happening within and amongst the Collective it seems. Renaming. Reframing. Realigning. Reshaping.
What is it that YOU Feel when You wake up in the morning? Be with That. Observe.

And Be GRATEFUL for where You are at right now upon waking up. Without Being pulled to the past or the future mental confusion of – “Yeah but…I want to be somewhere else…”, “I am not there yet”, “I want to be this,that..”And it is ok to desire. But not from the lack state of consciousness. As this will perpetuate exactly the opposite. So…
Let the Pendulum of YOU STOP for a while. Get centered IN the here and NOW.
Just for a while. This first hour of the morning. Get Yourself t(HERE). #FakeItUntilYouMakeIt if You Must. #Challenge Yourself to just BE with What IS. You are building the energetic veins of Flow from within this way. Step by Step. With Commitment to rituals.

And remember to be grateful. What Are the 3 things You are in appreciation for this morning? Sense them, feel them, bow to them. #Appreciate #Journal#Be #Feel #Imagine
#SetMoningRituals to Feel Yourself more IN Nature of Who You Really ARE.

We are all in this Cosmic Soup Together. Different Flavors and ingredients. Same Pot. That is why Your Work and Commitment is adding the unique flavor to the Taste of it ALL.
Work on Accessing the FEELIng of Your OWN Unique Flavor, so that we can all (In)Joy the Taste of the Whole-some Meal. Connect with those who are in resonance to help You. #EgolessMentorshipFromHeartSpace.
Coz at those times we are at right now…, I tell Ya…something is definitely BOILING in that Soup Container.
Do not let yourself evaporate or be burnt down. Feel into Your OWN centred flavor – access point, reach for help, connect, and Become Whole-As ONE through the reflection.

I COMMIT. I know it ain’t seem easy. Mind gonna try to bring hindrance. I get it.
But let’s do this.
Let’s all Commit. Take the staircase to the ROAD LESS TRAVELLED. Will You?
Quantum Leap Journey


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