Regenerate through Re-WILDing Your Soul. Align withIN the Womb of Earth.

Quantum Leap Journey Re(***)~WILD YOUR SOUL Challenge for the weekend. 

Join me  Shoes off, Roll up your sleeves, Roll IN-to the Earthy Womb of Dirt 🙂 #IntenseEnergiesHARVEST #EARTHING
Those days when You have an inner call ..and nothing else matters but to wear that FILTHY TUXEDO-SUIT full of Earth-Worms in its pockets over the weekend  When Wi-Fi goes Off and Inner Radar is welcomed to Go Up.
Those days when the deep muddy smell is like the Essence of the most expensive phial of Coco-Chanel and I would not exchange it for anything else.
When You feel ease in having dirt under your nails by scratching the ground ….
( dinner party anyone? 😉 :D)

No expectations. No Attachments to Outcome. Just Nature Therapy. Some will read books, I will Re-Charge with the wisdom of worms. Put my ear close to earth to hear their whispers.

It might be only me… Weird Creature that feels like eating the dirt literally and rolling in the deepest Womby muddy carpets of PachaMAMA 😀

Do As YOU FEEL – Every Second of Your Life. Feel Into the Inner Desire and Follow it. Honour what feels right to You and do it. One day it may be fancy dress, another a naked Bug-Dinner Party  ( whoever feels like sending me next week to a SPA day with nails cleansing – I am Open to it   )

ShapeShift attuned to Your inner call.

So now – Off You Go to Your OWN versions of Sand-Boxes.
Turn on Nature. Turn Off Distractions #ReConnect
#SoulBodyFusion #PachaMAMA 
Set some good Intentions for Your-SELF and Earth for tomorrow’s permission slip – Full Moon Re-Birth. (Vesak – it’s a New Year in Buddhist Philosophy)
New Beginnings.
And Remember – Re-Births are available every day.
“Every Second is a Chance to Turn Your Life Around”

With Love,
W(a)orm-Full Aga 😉


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