I am Starting a Social Experiment today for Collective, made adjustments to the post I wrote few months ago – Dropping all BS, #UNARMEDHEARTS as the new “black”.
( Like a Real Japanese Warrior 😉 )
With my Quantum Leap Journey, I set from today a Collective WILLINGNESS BREAKTHROUGH CHALLENGE for the next 11 Days to Follow. I called it Aga’s “UNARMED HEARTS Experiment Challenge”. #UNARMEDHEARTSExperiment
That’s all it Takes. ONE tiny bit of WILLINGNESS stream to CHOOSE to UN-zip the Armor of the Heart today. Please Share and Join if in resonance.
My INtention and Wish is simple. To Make it a Global HEARTS Movement. ❤
(…) __________

I Am so full of flaws and scars, hungry ghosts from the “past”. Are You? Can You admit them or you are still in denial?
Ashamed of your “flaws”, of wrongdoings, of your addictions, of your “past” behaviors, of residues of guilt, unworthiness, not-enoughness ( Oh, don’t we all know well this one?) and of the exhausting Pain hiding behind them? Trust me, You are not original with your flaws. All humanity shares the same. Nothing You can say that will surprise me. It is time to Illuminate them All. Before They silently eat us alive and suppress the Highest Potential of the Soul’s calling. They are also so tired of remaining hidden in the closet, like dusty skeletons, never fed with a Golden Essence of Love. Those Skeletons also yearn for being held in this Loving Embrace. Otherwise, they just cause day after day after day .. utter exhaustion and leakage on our energy field, while we are trying so damn hard to keep them lock, unseen, so tCRACKhat “God forbid! “ no-one will ever know …

But Let’s take another perspective today. What if we make them all visible today? What if we shed a stream of light on them by opening that closet a bit? Shall we?

Your deepest WOUND, your deepest CRACK, your deepest FLAW is where LIGHT enters. GOLDEN IT **** Make your pain GOLDEN. Paint it with LOVE paint. Can You EMBRACE it fully? Like FULLY in Acceptance and Self Forgiveness?
What does the Pain carry? It’s a Transmitter of Wisdom. Ain’t easy to go INto it. I know it’s easier to jump off the airplane with or without a parachute or bungee jumping… You name it. Oh, trust me, I know. It seems all easier in comparison to going into the center of your pain. But ….. the thing is…the PEARL is inside the Pain Shell.
LET’S crack it OPEN today gently. GENTLY. Am not asking for too much, AM I?
Let’s make one string of Light enter, penetrate it…. Just One stream, One string of Light. … Just One for the beginning… then it’ll be easier… I Promise. Just for Today. Make aVow with Your-SELF that You will Apply The Golden Paint over Your wound, visualize it Making A Scab Made with Gold Particles… Can You SEE it? SEE it and FEEL it fully. Melt the shell with Your OWN version of a Love Hammer knocking gently on its surface.. Find Space in between it. Quantum Leap Journey INTO IT.

– Knock knock…ham
– Whose there? Go away? !!!
Knock knock….
– Go away! Leave me alone!
Knock knock.….
– Whose there? / replies shuttered voice from the inside of a shell/ — – Leave!
Knock knock….
– Whose there? What do you want from me?
– I’m a Love Hammer… I came to SEE Your Pain… Will You ALLOW?
– I am not sure what You mean?
– No real meaning behind it. Question just simply IS… no hidden agendas here ..True Love has no agendas /says a Love Hammer/
– Ok, but ………I’ll take only a sneak Peak to the action you want to apply….and come straight back to my cave …
– OK. I am Here For YOU. Yes, it is a done deal. Just Lean IN gently…do not ZIP your armor all the way up today.
– Ok, Crack my Armor Open just a little bit then

…Knooooock….Knooooooock…Knooooock……Boooooom…. – *********** LIGHT ******** -> Enters into the crack, the left, tiny unzipped space of the armor of the Heart … that’s all it takes… One single string of pulled out WILLINGNESS.

Let’s Consciously CHOOSE to ALLOW Our/Your Pain to see the SUN of the Soul ( Allow the Love Hammer, or whatever you wanna call it 😉 ), a tiny bit…. just a tiny bit … tiny bit will do…

Seek those who resonate with You and can support you in your SHINE. And Hold a safe Container for the Experience to BE EN-Liven. Never underestimate a true value of a friend or trusted “another” who can assist with their Presence, Gentle Guidance and Soft Space Holding. No, not in a fluffy way. A Real One. A real, RAW, Naked Way.
#UnityConsciousness #TheEraOfAloneWolfIsOver #WeNeedEachOtherToTHRIVE And go All IN. ****

Aga – Quantum Leap Journey Change Facilitator at http://www.quantumleapjourney.com
So, I set a Collective WILLINGNESS CHALLENGE for the next 11 Days to Follow.
Make a conscious decision NOW to Sign Up for the ~ #UNARMEDHEARTS Experiment Challenge.  That’s all it Takes. ONE tiny bit of WILLINGNESS stream to CHOOSE to UN-zip the armor of the Heart today.
My Tool – Advice for the rigid Zippers going Up again ( I AM In this Together with YOU):

Whenever You feel a zipper comes up again…IMAGINE Yourself in the hottest climate possible on Earth… walking through a desert, with no water in the burning sun and catch yourself on why the heck would I zip the “collar” up on this desert? How silly… 🙂 Catch Yourself. Subtly FEEL into this shaky, vulnerable need to zip up again … into this mechanically, accustomed to need to armor up in the belief that otherwise, it is Un-safe. But then remember…you are ON THE DESERT, can You feel this Hot Desert Sun now? Visualize it as crazy as it sounds. It makes no sense to adjust the “collar” here, does it? … so just CHOOSE to Loosen it up… just a bit… a tiny little bit… and Abide in this tiny SPACE left where the zipper did not reach.
Aren’t we All tired of the ARMORS? Dragging us through the Deserts of Life when there are luscious fields to be explored as well? Let’s wear Swim Suits on Our HEARTS IN-Stead.
And I mean the Bikini Style ONES 😉

– Knock …Knock….
– Who’s There? …
Answer it for Your-SELF today and for the next 11 days to follow…
Will You take Up the CHALLENGE? ********** ( “UNARMED HEARTS Experiment Challenge”). Will we Collectively Make this Choice?




Q Aga

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Just an Open Heart here of a simple Polish Girl, who went through hell of a journey herself. That is All to it.

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In Loving Kindness,




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