Before the Sun rise, I’m already up from night gazing at the starry sky. Bubbling with exponential energies so potent on the planet these last few months to Abide in and Integrate. To catch the Wave. to Let Go off familiar Shores.
I AM very Connected to Pranic consciousness with no labels and definitions on who I actually am to be named, it’s much more vast , energy Harvesting through Quantum Qi Gong, and Integration in the face of resistance that wants to keep human race stuck and small and insignificant. Will You accept also the resistance , see it for what it is and choose to sink into it’s game softly? Or will you keep fighting and resisting resistance?
“Why would you resist yourself”?.

Sit at my table this morning , feel the burning desire of your own Soul longing for Home. It is Uncomparable to anyone else. Come SIT with me.
BREATHE in the warmth of the candle, smoky incent. In Presence. With No words spoken. Just BE with all that Arises. In the Space.
#CommitedtoSelfWorkGrowth #TakingTimeForMySELF
#Journaling #SawPalmetto #yoga #stretch #BreathOfAweAwareness#SettingIntentions #ReFocus #morningRituals #Presence


If you wish to Abide in a safe container, guidance, work with me on deep immersion with tools to assist you on this Path of Growth and undivided attention to Your Progression with taking a Quantum Leap Change Session. Connect:

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