Stretch Your Comfort Zones. True Life BE~gins OUTside of those walls.


Feeling Stuck in Your life ?

Stretch Your Comfort Zones.
Try to force yourself to Make One thing each day THAT scares you or goes opposite direction to Your usual familiar way . Dive In.
My latest Out of normal Human conditioned Comfort Zone was another 111 h DRY Fasting (4,5 days ) No Foods. No Water. Cultivating and Continual Practice of my Quantum Qi Gong Prana energy Harvesting and restoring physical cellular regeneration from INside Out.
#FastingBoostsImmuneSystem #DryFast #CellularRejuvenation #WillPower#QuantumQiGong
#Prana #QiGongTools #Kundalini #DNARecalibrations

Yum.  🙂

What is it that You CHOOSE to stretch and go BEyond a bit today to step out of ordinary, repeatable activities?

Amongst others, as an Integrative Holistic META Health Practitioner, and Facilitator of Cellular Regeneration Detox on a deeper Level You can Imagine with Dry fasting, intermitten fasting, particular implementation of certain combination of juice and detox formulas , and careful guidance if You choose to begin Your Journey to stellar Health, for more information on Cellular Regeneration improvements and Health benefits in  preparation in correlation with  Rising Consciousness/Awareness, please contact me for a session :




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