*** FEELING LIKE AN INSANE PERSON? FRET NOT. YOU ARE WAKING UP TO WHO YOU ARE.*** You are BE|coming a Completion on aQuantum Leap Journey bit by bit… 
If You feel You are going nuts at times in comparison to “social regular way of programming being played out” , this quotation from Adyashanti may be helpful for you to as in fact it seems like Sometimes the most sophisticated acts of stupidity and acting ridiculous are the direct Path to God 😉 :

“And just about the time you think you get enlightened and everything, like you really getting the handle on it, like when most of your conditioning falls away, … just beyond that time…something from totally out of the blue is gonna come up and is gonna surprise you like you couldn’t believe…;
And the next think you know, you gonna find yourself acting out like the worst RIDICULOUS part of your conditioning you could ever imagine hiding inside of you… ;.
And You thought you could only do something that’s stupid only before you Awaken to Truth… but no no no….we reserve our greatest act of stupidity only after we’ve glimpsed the Truth … ( … ) because you see…it can be a little bit dangerous when you remove all the fear from the Ego (… ) so you see every part of the conditioning strip away from you when you LET it… so that even the conditioning becomes the very path to UNCONDITIONED .
And it will get sudller and sudller and suddler…and it will get more ordinary ordinary ordinary…until there will be not any distinction at all between what you think is your ordinary world and the deepest and highest Spiritual Truth than any BEing could ever Realized .
You will find as much GOD in your backyard as You would in a monastery. And frequently a lot more you could imagine (…) ” ~ Adyashanti

*** Acting Crazy as a Direct Path to God 😉 ***
Coming back HOME to Yourself through acting like a clown in a circus in relation to social expectations of behaving? Anyone ? 🙂 do not fret dear Ones. Redefine fear as excitement. Be all IN with it. Let it restructure, recreate , recharge, recalibrate every nano cell of your old body. Let it crack you open more to who You Are not, so the real You will me the only remnant that Shines through. *
#StayCool  #WeGotThis #DoingLessBEingMore#WakingUpToWhoYouARE #BecomingNew#FromMindToTheHeart #TheProcess

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