Am so full of flaws and scars, hungry ghosts from the “past” . I Am so full of flaws and scars, hungry ghosts from the “past”. Are You? Can You admit them or you are still in denial ?

Ashamed of your “flaws”, of wrongdoings, of your addictions, of your “past” behaviours … of the Pain hiding behind them?
Your deepest WOUND , your deepest crack , your deepest flaw is where LIGHT enters .
GOLDEN. ****
Make your pain GOLDEN. Paint it with LOVE paint. Can You EMBRACE it fully? Like FULLY in Acceptance and Self forgiveness? What does the Pain carry? It’s a Transmitter of Wisdom. Ain’t easy to go into it. I know it’s easier to jump off the airplane with or without a parachute or bungee jumping… You name it. I know. It seems all easier in comparison to going into the centre of your pain. But …..the PEARL is in the Pain Shell. LETS crack it open gently. GENTLY. Let’s make one string of Light enter, penetrate it…. Just One stream , One string of Light. … Just One for the beginning… then it’ll be easier…
I Promise.
FEEL it fully .
Melt the shell with Love Hammer knocking gently on it’s surface..
Find Space for it.
Quantum Leap Journey INTO it.
Knock knock….
Whose there? Go away? !!!
Knock knock….
Go away! Leave me alone!
Knock knock…..
Whose there? – replies voice from the inside of a shell. Leave!
Knock knock….
Whose there? What do you want from me?
I’m a Love Hammer… I came to alleviate your Pain… Will You ALLOW?
Ok, but ………I’ll take Only a sneak Peak….and come straight back to my cave…
I am Here For You. Yes, done deal.
Crack me Open a bit then…
ALLOW Your Pain see the SUN of Your Soul ( aka Love Hammer 😉 )
Seek those who can support you in your Shine Process.
Never underestimate a true value of a friend or trusted “other” who can help.
Reach out if needed.
And go All IN.
Aga from www.quantumleapourney.com


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