Funny how many things can come to ultimate conclusion within 24h.
Change upon horizon after summing up almost 8 months of deep long healing period and many humble Self Realization shifts. I’ll be deactivating myself from 99% fb groups Am in, unfriending most fb “friends” (nothing personal, just cleanses that need to take place ..too much fake, shallow inauthenticity in surface –
connections), taking my power back that was given away for way too long and taking most Conscious Action in Alignment with my Heart and sharing my Service Whole Heartedly and not in halfs here and there.
In preparation to many upcoming news and projects.
Will most likely deactivate Fb for a while as well.
#FollowYourOwnHeart #GoingMyOwnWay #EmbracingUniqueWeirdoWithIN that will naturally end up in More Service to All in correlation to Who I Am ( no comparisons here) #WorkingWithTrustedGuideOfInnerVoice #BeYourSELF #ListenToYourHeart* #NoMoreScatteredConfusions #Enough #AllowingEase #SharingMyGifts #Psychosomatics #MindBodySpiritHeart in ~EMBODIMENT.
#TiredOfPlayingItSmall #AdmittingHavingMadeMANYMistakes #TakingFullResponsibility #IAmSorryPleaseForgiveMeThankYouILoveYou #Hoponopono #OpenToRECEIVing #FullOnGiving #ComingToHumbleGroundAndHighFlyingDiscInMutualBalance
#AdressedInnerChildWork #FullOnReclaimOfInnerPower
#LoveUponConfusion #HumanizingSpirituality to name a few…
To express more… Bjork – “The Gate” visual song covers the rest of what I wanted to share. So Immerse YourSELF here ( full screen, on headphones ) coz oh Sweet Sweet Geezusssss THIS Soooong ! ->
Quantum Leap Journey
Sessions, workshops retreats, events, assistance…. If You wish to support my journey or contribute to my free sharings that resonate with you and help, you can consider visiting my website. Any donation warmly appreciated at this time.
As I’m currently trying to gather funds for an upcoming, important to me, intense teacher training last level from a method I know will help many if implemented in my teachings and plethora of tools I offer. So Thank YOU if you feel drawn to help me achieve this.
Or book a regular intensive session-Connection. Or a Packet of Trinity 3 sessions Connection.
Will also soon release a short donation based Booklet with addressed tips and solutions to many challenges coming upon people, that I had somehow been and worked through over the years.

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