What comes to me intensely with the energies so deeply felt in the Collective last weeks is this…
INNER CHILD that calls for Your Attention wants to be PUZZLE PIECED BACK INTO WHOLENESS. ***
TO ALL BIG , ADULT – CHILDREN… IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT… ( with this comes to mind the phrase from ” Good Will Hunting” that Robin Williams kept repeating to Matt Damon… it feels relevant… )

We are all children in adults’ bodies. We often carry wounds and hurts stored in subconscious mind’s pockets from early stage times when we were absorbing everything on a deep emotional level. Coz we are like a sponge growing up… taking ON everything…absorbing often disruptive patterns and energetic strings from environment we grow up in….;

The thing is it all happens without fully developed yet capability of discernment and differentiating between those feelings that often become trapped, stuck, not fully felt, shoveled up, suppressed, just stored, taken on as a luggage.., as an alien passenger inside of us, that grows traumas year by year inside …coz never looked into … .
Those emotions want to be FELT and LOVED Into Oneness.

IT is good to have a SAFE container to do so, in environment that is structured in its architecture that serves you in the spirit of non judgmental #UnityConsciousness that holds the space for moving the energies of traumas.
Search for those possible places/spaces/tribes that may assist or accountability partners/coaches.
But You can start today with Yourself with one small step of action …that may cause a huge Quantum Leap once decided upon… So… What I Challenge You today is …
Embrace and HUG your Inner Child today. Just sit in Peace and hug Yourself, no matter how weird it feels or looks like. Drop mind’s projections.
Just GIFT Yourself a warm loving Hug, embrace yourself all over with your hands, plaster your arms all around you. Let this little Kido inside yourself, that longs for sensation of HOME and LOVE be HELD.
He/she longs for not felt before and embodied feelings that until met and felt, will suppress your feeling of Worthiness and unconditional LOVE, that yes… YOU ARE DESERVING OF no matter what.

The Ones that PUZZLE PIECE YOU BACK INTO WHOLENESS… no matter how long You gonna sit in that embrace… JUST DO IT. Just Hug Yourself for tonight. Small Step Today. Just One small Step…
I know… it Ain’t easy, acknowledging this Vulnerability and going IN to feel … is more Courageous than parachute jumping from a plane or locking yourself in a cage with spiders, you name it.. 😉 … but take this step.. just one , small step today …
The reward will be much greater than a lollipop.



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