Hang Loose the struggle. Give UP the worrying mind. Let go by embracing it all.

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From Europe with LOVE * with small BIG random messages. May they bring You some Aligned synchronicity in timing of this delivery. The whispers say :
Let it go. Give up the struggle.
Today it’s time to HANG LOOSE all of it.
Don’t tighten up. HANG IT LOOSE. All of it. Breathe.
Let the Autumn breeze pick it up. Like leaves by the glove formed from the wind and RELEASE once and for all. In a gentle embrace of Your Allowance for this deep SURRENDER. 
MEET THE WORLD withIN first. to Shine its Brightly Colours WithOUT.

“The Universe is not outside of You.
Look inside yourself.
Everything you want, you already Are. ” – Rumi

Trust it shall be all delivered. Open up.
Feel into your Heart. Gently. Bravely. Softly into the rough angles of seeming scary “dark valleys”. Have Faith / Trust.
There’s such a bravery in a voulnearbility. In gentleness.
Sending Courage for inner journey to All of Yous . Start with a Choice. One step. Leap.
#HangItLoose #MeetTheWorldWithIN , shall we ?
Reach out if You need Guidance with Committing to Embody Who You came here to Enliven ❤

Love, Aga
Quantum Leap Journey


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