Be the LIGHTHOUSE for One Another

My Declaration of IN~tention for today/Forever is for my~SELF/SELVES , all of US, hUmaNITY to Re-Remember our True Nature
#TheSource #MayItBeFulfilled *** Embracing our Diversity of Identities Suits put on the SOURCE Essence that is Same foe us ALL .
Hence IN Unity we Rise. *
Time to Re-Unite with this Source Essence. Help each other Selves feel it withIN themselves, and bring it to Fruition on Earth in your every day Life. Uniquely showing up and Be~ing YOU. ….
YOU. You. The Real You. with all the challenges ( not problems ), with all the vulnerable, tightened emotional knots in the body vehicle, with all the ups and downs… with all of IT… but withheld and sustained with the Knowledge of the pure Light essence behind even that ************ …
And from THAT place you start carrying the FAITH AND TRUST – that the Universe will work those out for you, through you …. when INvited and Allowed…
Then the people, the situations, the circumstances begin to change and show up – in your favor … not to “save” you as a victim, but to support you in all ways. Simply because you are WORTH it. And You are here to do the same for others.
Pass it forward. Pass on the LIGHT of mutual Support to one another.
That is how we Light Up the Civilization. Through Compassion.
It creates Ripple Effects.
May they FLOW Far and WIDE.
May we All get hit by this Wave.
Yet may we all have the courage to BE THAT WAVE.
LET’S BE The Wave Of Compassion And Unshakeable Service and Mutual Help In The World
Let’s just freaking DO THAT.
Let’s bring each other LIGHT torches.
No expectations. No attachments. Just In Service from the Heart. Heart Knows. IT KNOWS that by helping another – YOU HELP YOUR~SELF.
As Above So Below.
What Goes Around Comes Around.
Quantum Aga
If You need support on Your IN~ner Clarity – you can find me here:

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