It’s Not About GETTING and HAVING. It’s All About BE~ing and BECOMING First


And the Quantum Whisperers of the Wind said :
It’s Not About GETTING and HAVING …
It’s All About BE~ing and BECOMING
Who You really Are.
Not tainted by the ideas of others and external cacophony.
From there you proceed… and all will align as you Align with and get to know your Own 💓
Listen to the whispers from the Soul. Intuitively.
Take time to BE.
Paradoxically, This is the way of a Warrior. ***
Takes Courage to do so.
Let’s do it Collectively and One by One.
Let’s Find this Courage.
To Allow the Caterpillar flourish to its Designed Natural Butterfly state.
It can’t be pushed or rushed.
Nature does not rush and yet Everything gets accomplished.
It Needs to BE Allowed.
With Gentle Loving Embrace and not Resistance to All the phases in and during the Process.
As my
Quantum Leap Journey unfolds further in its EVOL~ution…. I hold Space for Yours… *
#DivineTiming coming for us All. To FEEL utterly IN #Completion 

Here for/with You,

Q Aga


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