Let Life Penetrate You. Drop Resistance.

The worst thing you could do in life is to be determined not to be affected by life. This is the harm that the glorification of “the enlightened guru” has done to us.
The enlightened guru seems unaffected by life.
This could not be further from the truth.
“The enlightened person – so to speak, lets himself be completely penetrated by life, BUT in the ABSENCE TO RESISTANCE TO THAT PENETRATION.
In the absence of resistance to being affected, there is nothing in him for life to injure or destroy.
If You strive to be unaffected by LIFE, the resistance You have is to FEELING” (…)
And the Secret of a BREAKTHROUGH is in the ability to FEEL itself. Remember. Remember….  

We Came here to Master Powerful Emotions. Recognize that and step into sitting into your Mastery…Feeling Into it… No matter how uncomfortable the initial feeling may be. It’s like a fire burning. But this Spark of fire 🔥 will jump start something so much bigger within that you could never imagine. ..
Investigate this wave. ***** It carries treasure. Be Patient with Yourself Above All. ****
Don’t try to get something out of the experience. Just Be with IT.
Just BE. And Open Up. Do not expect fire works to happen. Just Be.
Hold space for whatever wants to come up. Observe.
Allow. Welcome. Make space within. Be for a while.
Trust me. Just try it out.
( said the girl who’s been addicted to “doing” and “delivering”, “providing” for years.  )
Well You can trust me on this x

Time for doing will unfold naturally effortlessly and organically. Priority is in the Being. Then Follows Conscious Action ) ********

Blessings to all who forgot how to give attention to Feeling,


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