Last days here I’m going through are just so Surreal… My mind can’t make sense of anything…being invited to something greater within that logic can not simply comprehend…with Mastering powerful energies. On logical note, outside .. nothing makes sense anymore. ..
Keep and #BeThePeaceCentre during INtense changes. #Changes upon Horizon.
Ask a question …
What is trying to Emerge out of me here?
What Am I being invited to BE-come…?
It’s in the Feeling… Not evasive escape.
Let yourself/ourselves FEEL.
The hardest thing for Human mind to give attention to. Because it is the HEART 💓 that is sending the INvite to catch that Inner Wave .. and Surf INto the Unknown.
Mind likes Known. Heart yearns for something Greater….
Intend on … GREATER.
Let’s just All IN-tend on Greater. Will You ?
And keep at the back of you being the phrase that no matter what…


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