New Earth Festival ~Ancient and the Future: A True Game Changer -Gem of Festivals designs Consciously Unique Experience of Your Life

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This Newcomer Festival will be Asia’s very own Burning Man ! 

Video of the Festival summed up in 2 minutes can be accessed HERE. 

I am extremely happy  to announce that I am taking part in Co-Creating this year’s seeding to Existence New Earth Festival  in from 5-9th April 2017 in Bali, that is a true, shining gem in the vast sea of Festivals, focused on delivering the real, tangible experience and the Change that the world is ready for. As a quantum coach and investigative journalist for years I have been thoroughly studying the work of New Earth Nation Movement for years and blogging about this one of most creative force of change in today’s reality. The acceleration of change at the times we live in now couldn’t be greater with all the solutions we already have accessible NOW.
The sense of Importance and necessity of this Festival appearing on Global scale of others could not be more timely. The ripple effects of this unique event will bring exponential growth for entire Humanity.
“Be The Change You Want To See In the World”. Come and Co-Create in cooperation and secure Your place at the Festival by getting the tickets and becoming a significant torch – light in the lives of others.

The New Earth Nation’s inaugural festival – Ancient Futures launches in April in an idyllic and serene location outside of Ubud in Bali. The five-day gathering aims to bring together creative visionaries, change makers and thought leaders to co-vision a solution based approach for a new future. To create the container for this a compelling group of speakers, healers, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians have been brought together to offer their talents and teachings in what promises to be a holistic and nourishing experiences for those participating.

The New Earth Festival is designed to bring our global community together to connect and create tangible solutions that benefit humanity. Through the co-creation of play, celebration, nourishment, healing, learning and teaching, we nurture the sovereign creative expression and ignite inspiration within us all. lead the change The New Earth Festival unifies and supports education and learning at it’s core.

It’s divided into unforgettable sections of Music & Performance, Symposium, Wisdom Keepers, Artists, Nutrition, Experience and much more that You can read about in Here.  ( Vision, Experience, Essentials, Connectivity )

Ancient Futures NEF Sponsor_Pack_02

The gathering will follow a narrative arc in accordance with a transition of the elements. Beginning with Earth Day and an anchoring within the ground of be-ing, there will be a conscious exploration and exposition of Economics and Ecology.

What to expect during the block of the Festival – Guiding Elements of Ancient Futures:


Beginning with Earth Day and an anchoring within the ground of be-ing, there will be a conscious exploration and exposition of Economics and Ecology.


Friday will honor this life-giving element that most keenly defines us as a galactic species. On this day conflict-resolution, peace and the extension of forgiveness will be considered alongside a consideration of the full spectrum of remediation technologies, medicaments, cures and innovations which invite health and wellness amongst humankind.


On Saturday there will be a move to Air and the dynamic transmission of ideas and ideation. The old and outdated notion of education will be steered into a new paradigmatic shift in which sovereignty, augmentation and creative expansion become our new métier.


The gathering ends with Fire and Ether. Breakthrough technological innovation, the dynamic elevation of consciousness, the transmutation of gross elements into their celestial nature and the realisation of the elixir of life become our unified manifest destiny.

You can read in details about beautiful description of each day on the Blog article on New Earth Festival blog HERE.

Ancient Futures NEF Sponsor_Pack_02

The festival is focused on giving back to the local Community of absolutely amazing Balinese people and will be also working with local Balinese families to help provide sustainable tourism during the event, hoping to maintain a legacy for the local community beyond the festival with a light as tread as possible on the earth.

Sacha Stone, Founder of NewEarth Nation comments:

“In keeping with the paradigmatic shift which we see all around us, Ancient Futures : NewEarth Festival emerges as the planetary flash-point for conscious community dedicated toward the elevation of art, beauty and consciousness over time, money and fear.“

You can access Promo Video for the Festival under this Link 🙂

Festival tickets can be found at NEF PAGE

You can check out full programme and learn more about speakers, artist and events here: NEF BLOG

You can easily add yourself and meet like minded people before hand the festival by LIKING our Fanpage and adding Yourself to the Event Gathering on Facebook Here.

If You wish to read more about the entire New Earth Nation Movement please check my previous blog post I wrote few years ago promoting this Movement of Change here :

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For more information on the Festival You can read this beautifully written blog article by Pangean.

The time for sparkling to life the real Change one and for All is NOW.

Please join this spectacular experience that I am Co-Creating and Share widely !!!

Quantum Aga ❤