13 Year-Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device for Under $15

#BoostingUpBriefly What’s already been shared and out there.
New Generation of Children coming IN to Wake us UP.

” Inspired by the geniuses Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, teenager Max Loughan loves to invent things, in fact, he says he has known his entire short life that his purpose was to change the world with his inventions. And he may just do it.

“As cheesy as this sounds, from day one, on this planet that I knew I was put here for a reason,” said Max. “And that reason is to invent, to bring the future.””

1 .   This inspirational  13-year-old kid has again proven that useable electricity can be harvested from the atmosphere all around us :


2. An exceptional talk Max delivered at Nexus Summit 2016:


3.  Short presentation of Max’s device :

“In a demonstration with KTVN, Max uses current created by the machine to power a strip of LED lights that he had wrapped around his twin brother, astonishing to both his own family and the visiting news crew.”


“The suppression of free energy devices and technology by the energy industry and by the government is an established fact of our world. Using many techniques and programs to suppress ideas and inventions like Max’s is finally coming to an end, however, in the information age. Now anyone can participate in the energy revolution.

“My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound.” – Max Loughan

You can red more about Max in this short article for Waking Times by Terence Newton :


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