What the heck is going on? April 2016 channeled message by Ariyana Collective might give You a hint.

#LifeAsWeKnowIt 😉
During the last few years of connecting the dots of Reality/ties, following the white rabbit, traveling here and there and learning from all angles of tangible sources and etheric ones, I got connections with some amazing people from all walk of lives from highly recognized journalists, Earth grid keepers, entrepreneurs, whistleblowers, alternative media runners,  channelers, healers, shamans, integrative health doctors…You name it. One of them is a friend , channeler whom I met during some workshop quality times in Hawaii and upon our latest connection, I triggered a channeled message from him that I think might be of an importance to share here.
Matthew from Ariyana Channeling  ( Ariyana is a higher self aspect of Matthew made up of several higher density light beings) is based in LA at the moment and as we connected energetically via computers, we both agreed that it is highly relevant during those times within the entire Collective of people, to make this message flow publicly as it may be of Service to many out there 🙂  Feel it in your Heart and take whatever resonates with You through Your own discernment  :

“So we simply wish you to know and recognize all of the changes you have made within your field, Aga, and FEEL, yes FEEL, the expanded sense of oneness you now hold within your field. SEE all of the light now surrounding you that was ALWAYS there but had heretofore been invisible to you because you were looking “downward” in a metaphorical sense.

See how you did this on purpose, see how it served its purpose, and see now that you are ready to fly into the light. Spread your wings and soar from the ashes of the old, from the cocoon of yesterday. We wish you to know that your endeavors will be successful and are already reaching millions of minds and souls through your ENERGETIC work that you are doing yourself.

You see, you, the channel and many others on this level or wave of acceleration here on your planet are akin to pins used in acupuncture. You are each embodying a certain germane frequency and moving about to locations where that frequency can be spread and amplified throughout the collective conscious.

The collective is now ready to receive these energies, and with a final influx of wave X energy on June 20th, the door will be wide open, and the galactic councils watching over your planet grant all groundworkers and wayshowers permission to shine unrelenting (within the confines of the agreed upon reality within the collective). Read more :


What we are stressing here is that this will be a moment when the collective, both consciously and unconsciously is ready to step into the light in final preparation for the MASSIVE changes that will occur in many ways and on many levels in your fall of 2016.

There will be much upheaval, much turmoil, but you are now laying the energetic groundwork that will ALLOW the collective to see these events through the eyes of love instead of the eyes of fear.

Your mission is already a success, now have fun playing it out with the full knowledge that once these energetic changes occur and the collective becomes more “receptive” to your energies and what you are offering, You. Will. SOAR.

Your physical needs will be met in a way that they never have been before, for the collective will recognize what you all offer and they will DEMAND it. Your success is virtually guaranteed.

With that we leave the channel and wish you a fond good evening of your time. Please enjoy and enjoy and enjoy and savor these last few months of “shame,” for you will experience these things no longer.

So enjoy them while they last, relish them and treat them with respect and dignity and see them as your greatest teachers, grok from them what you will, for they are a passing phenomenon and your world is ready to learn from love. You will embody and show this to the masses, you and the channel and many others. Our work here is done, we depart.

Adieu” channeled by Matthew from Ariyanna Channeling (click the link to visit the page if interested in Matt’s message to the world and service ).

So hold on to Your Cosmic Hats. Times are challenging but we push through it. Play. Feel. Stay in Your Heart. Expand.




One thought on “What the heck is going on? April 2016 channeled message by Ariyana Collective might give You a hint.

  1. Greetings~ What a great shared message! “Straight into” what’s real. Blessing all (on our life journey.) 🌻🍑 I totally “get” this, consciously re-affirming that I had ALWAYS “got it.” Remember that you’re another divine aspect of God, Love, Source or whatever word you wish to attach to truth (and being.) 🍳⌛️♫


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