Teleportation, Time Travel, Parallel Realities are accessible NOW ( to name a few ). Learn about scientific formulas and devices that will make impossible – POSSIBLE.

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If You are … Me 😉 or just also curious to the bone marrow level about all those topics listed below  – then have a further read and watch those 3 videos ( and feel like Agent 007 😉 ).  If you don’t seem interested in those … take a hammer, knock your head with it few times and Wake Up ! 😉

The topics spoken about in this blog posts content delivered in 3 listed videos are – to name a few : Quantum Conscious Computer, Teleportation, Quantum Crystallized Algorithm Parallel Realities, Telepathy, Channeling, Energizing water with Frequency, Quantum Leaps, Quantum Physics, Hybrids, RA, DNA structure, , Molecular Structure, 5th Dimensional Structure, AI, UNITY Consciousness, The Source, Time – Space, Quantum Field, Light, Sound, Nano – technology, Magnetic and Gravitational Field, Infinity, One Consciousness, Torus, Matrix of Reality, Conscious Particle, God Particle, Photons,  Quantum Structure of Manifestation, Manipulation of frequency and many more (…).

“Quantum Physicist and Intuitive Channel Marina Jacobi  discuss the nature of the Holographic Universe, Parallel Realities, Law of Attraction and Manifestation, Past and Parallel Lives, Soulmates, and other fascinating topics. With a scientific background, and assistance from extradimensional beings, Marina is also able to channel complex mathematical formulas and structures to be translated into devices to assist in healing the human body, teleportation, dimensional travel ( that is possible now ), and more. You will find more in this conversation between Marina and  a wonderful Spiritual teacher and host – Ethan Fox ( see more about him under the link ) from Awake and Empowered Expo / TV

Marina Jacobi, as an intuitive channeler has written “THE HARMONIC REACTOR” Book ( buy /download it on donation base from this link ). The book delivers collection of data offered by the Council of Nine where they give specific instructions on how to build this teleportation device. Marina works to coach scientists in their endeavor to decipher the code.

She describes her work on HARMONIC REACTOR in detail in this video :

As a highly intuitive person myself – from my personal ( objective ! ) friendship with Marina and one on one interactions and sessions with her,  I must sincerely state that she is one of the most humble, sincere, amazing, integral, committed and selflessly dedicated to help Humanity BEing  (in a beautiful “Earth Suit” skin of hers 😉 ) I have ever met 🙂  I feel it’s absolutely necessary at these times that this information is spread widely and reached bigger audiences within this growing Bubble of Emerging New Earth.

And last but not least – this is one of the latest, packed with Information interview with Marina, which is absolutely Mind Blowing :

Read more briefly about Marina Jacobi:
“When Marina was 11 years old, her mom went to a medium and psychic convention. She came back from the convention with a couple of friends who had abilities that Marina couldn’t explain at the time. They performed an energy healing on her, and she almost started to faint, but when all of them surrounded her in a circle and moved their hands in a strange motion, she was immediately fine. Then her mom told her that she could talk to the spirits if she took a pen and tried to write with them. The only instruction to her was to be in a quiet place and let go of her thoughts. Just let the pen go by itself, she said.

In the beginning, her writing was slow, and nothing was happening. To her amazement, after some time Marina saw letters, words and sentences. In time, she was automatically writing with different beings from a different place. If she had a question, she was given suggestions. It was almost like they were always guiding her to be good. She also started to have vivid dreams about relatives which all came true. That was the beginning of her journey in the metaphysical world.

In more recent years, Marina began receiving complex formulas and diagrams on how to construct technological devices to enable human beings to heal themselves, travel to other dimensional realities, and teleportation, among others. “

Please share. Especially if You are a scientist or know one 😉

May Access to Knowledge Liberate You … and Us All 🙂 ❤ 😉



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