How to Eat…NOTHING and Thrive in Perfect Health? Conscious Fasting, Pranic Healing, Total Body Restoration, Enlightenment through Harnessing Qi.

prana #Briefly spreading around while still available to watch/listen to.

For all of those who want to save some money on buying food 😉 – learn how to thrive on… not eating at all 😉 As unreal as it may seem at the beginning… it will not prove itself wrong after You give it a go and listen to this talk.  Please do take some time to watch it, absorb the information and discern for yourself.

Conscious Fasting – Yeap – it’s more real than You can think. Accessing Higher Conscious state of this possibility may be achieved by all who truly understand the construct of the Reality, Frequency based  “All there Is”, Energy we are all made of and those  who can stand by and believe in efficiency and possibility of those methods . Energy is all around us. Tune INto its Abundance. It’s here to assist us all. 

In this talk You will learn about : Pranic Nourishment, Enlightenment, Light Body and Inner Self-improvement and total Body Restoration ( all chronic dis-eases, cancer etc.) with Accessing and Thriving on Energy by proper Breathing and… eating Air 🙂 If it resonates of course 🙂

You will not hear many ( if at all … ) interviews or talks with Dmitriy Lapshinov, Russian breatharian, founder of “SVARGA” system, that are translated into English and available on youtube. So enjoy this information on harnessing Qi from thin air while it’s still available.

There are many mind blowing “therapies” and approaches as well and already existing healing devices in Russia that are totally not known to public ( BIG Pharma watching … 😉 ). I would suggest digging a bit deeper into those if You’re interested. You will be surprised how much information is being suppressed by Western governmental structures and lobbyists.

Ask questions. Question status Quo in all areas of Your life. Health – Wellness – Nourishment …

And now… put this sandwich down and enjoy the talk if it resonates to do so ;-). It’s quite interesting one, I tell Ya.

Also – If You are physically sick ( dis-eased ) – the best way to activate all of Your Inner Healing mechanisms of your body is to actually fast for a couple of days as 80% of the energy – body uses for digestion.

If You don’t eat , hence not use up the energy for digestion process, all of it will be focused on and go to dealing with unbalances and dis-eased state going on in your body.

( addition ) *******
After I blogged about Dmitriy Lapshinov, I discovered most recent video from Spiritual Healer – Ethan Fox from Awake and Empowered TV with also a breatharian and pranic energy healer Akahi Ricardo. I decided to add this video here as I consider its weight of great importance. From the description for this amazing video :

:”In this episode of Awake And Empowered TV, Ethann Fox is joined by Breatharian Akahi Ricardo. Akahi shares his personal life journey that led to his current lifestyle living primarily on pranic energy with very little consumption of liquids or solid foods. He goes on to share stories of many of his students who have cured Cancer, Arthritis, and other illnesses through a breatharian practice. Ethann and Akahi also discuss the origins of the consumption of food and in particular meat, and how it relates to the current mainstream consciousness, as well as what he sees for the future of the human civilization. Other interesting topics include ancient civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria, how breatharianism has effected his marriage to Camilla, and what it’s like to raise 2 children in a breatharian way of life.

About Akahi Ricardo
Akahi Salas has spent the past 13 years traveling around the world learning with the most illuminated Shamans and Masters. He is a healing arts expert and multifaceted artist. Broadcasted on radio and TV he is also the world’s top authority on Breathwork Science, Breatharianism, the Pranic Living Transition and natural introspective healing programs, and therapies to access the neuro-cellular interconnections. His science has been received by many doctors and healers around the world. Akahi also teaches the Capacity to educate the human mind and body to Live on Light* bringing to this time in the humanity an opportunity to tap into the new frequencies of healing, energy and resources. His lectures are about the best of nature, the connection with ourselves and the universe that we are immersed in, understanding of the body functions and healing process through the Intentional Focus of our Consciousness* ( you can read more about him here http://akahmi.com )



Hope You find this awesomely interesting x



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