Most INspiring, Empowering and Enlightening teachings of our Times. Bentinho Massaro – one of the youngest Spiritual Way Showers out there. He’s cool, I tell Ya.


Over 1,5 years ago I came across “Teachings” of this Youngster 😉 in comparison to the notion of “Real Spiritual Teacher” that many people may hold in their illusionary perception and feel like he is one of the best modern Pioneers of Consciously Creative, Empowered Living that one can ask for. Everything he talks about resonates Higher Vibrational Truth for/withIN me, and wen I feel the Truth, Authenticity, Honesty and Sincerity behind something that may help and empower many people around the Globe – I share. Bentinho Massaro, similar to Teal Swan ( another young “Spiritual Teacher and Catalyst” I wrote about ) is a definite gem out there, that may help You hugely with most of the “problems” shifting in every day life. His teachings will definitely help with any emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual issues that may show up for You during these times. He delivers information from pure higher Self Connection in the most aligned, honest and clear way you can imagine. He is not trying to develop blind sheep like followers of a doctrine / strict Spiritual Practice or something, but simply Empower people to start Living their pure potential that we all already hold withIn. That is why he resonates with me so strongly. I believe that Devotion to something external from us equals resulting in BEing deVOIDed of OUR own Higher Self and Connection to Our own Unique Truth residing at Our HEART Centre. That’s why I would never be able to follow any dogmatic structures and rules and was sticking to it from early age. Bentinho – created Free Flowing Conscious Spiritual Empowerment for masses eager to listen. He delivers this INtuned Flow” in the most eloquent, communicative and well articulated way to digest on and absorb easily. Hope You will be eager to listen to some of the videos I attached and see whether it UNlocks something DEEPer INside of You that will put you on a Path to Discover Your Own, Unique True potential. Time to shift from Lack thinking to Embracing Pure Abundance that You carry INside and can Access it to Flourish OUTside and showing up in Your Reality. Find the Access Point WithIN.

Activate the Frequency to BEcome All that You can Be NOW. Sounds like lame whohoo.. New Age “bla bla bla…” but BElieve me – You will find nothing remotely like it in what I am here to express, suggest and pass forward. Bentinho Massaro tapped INto something that we all have. He’s here to help You Realize this Possibility within You. He’s authentic and no more special than You are. I believe He is simply a manifestation of Your, mine and other people’s Consciousness that needed to encounter his teachings on the Path of Ultimate Shift and bringing it Into our every day reality 🙂

Dive into what I am sharing here and if resonates – Dive Deeper. If not – tap into what resonates for You. 🙂 As simple as that. I will mostly copy paste from his website and online Community – of ordinary-extraordinary people – like You and me 🙂 Take what You needand leave the rest – as my usual suggestion 🙂

So, who the heck is Bentinho Massaro, You may ask? 🙂

First watch this prkmo video about Bentinho :

And then have a read from his website :

“Even as a child, growing up in Holland, Bentinho Massaro had a sense of the endless possibilities within human consciousness. At age16, frustrated with what he perceived as the unconscious behavior of human society and the stupidity of going to school, he made a conscious commitment to search for the “Ultimate Answer” —an understanding of the actual workings of Life that would lead not only to individual fulfillment, but to the liberation of civilization from conflict entirely.

Bentinho Massaro – Expression of one heck of a Happy Soul!

So he began a relentless quest, exploring a wide spectrum of teachers, philosophies, and methods, including studies in India, as well as Western practices, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), telekinesis, and brain wave practices. He stayed with each practice only long enough to assess and digest what was useful to his goal, leaving behind anything he deemed non-essential.

Eventually, exhausted by constant striving, self-judgment, and intense suffering, he realized that all of the spiritual “authorities” he had studied—no matter how long their beards—were no more “enlightened” than himself. Although deeply disappointed, he decided to renew his commitment to seeking the ultimate answer; but this time, he would look only within his own being. This decision was a profound shift in allegiance toward what he had known all along: that Truth was to be found in the presence of his own existence, and of existence itself—in all its infinite potential.

This realization brought a deep relaxation and ease of being. “Life revealed itself to shine fully and completely by its own power alone, offering its presence with an incredible naturalness, requiring no effort,” Bentinho wrote. Life Itself was indeed The Ultimate Answer.

“I continued to sink into this indescribable freedom that doesn’t know any boundary. This awakening was the beginning of my life and the end of an unpleasant dream where I thought lack and separation could possibly exist. Ha!”!

Bentinho started teaching when he was 18, and has since held meetings and retreats in many cities in Europe and North America. He is now 26, and over the years, his teachings have evolved and deepened. He continues to refine and focus his work, with a goal to reach people from every walk of life, building a bridge to Enlightenment and self-empowerment for the “average Joe,” not just those already in the spiritual community. “It’s what I live for;” he says, “it’s what I came here for.”

The teachings I share have been inspired and shaped by many I came in contact with over the course of my life – for which I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude. The teachings are alive and naturally evolving, being further refined every single day to improve upon their quality, preciseness and effectiveness.

In conjunction with the Bentinho Massaro Team, the Free Awareness Foundation Team, and the help of all of you, our global community, we are steadily setting forth our vision of a flowering Earth, where love, compassion and integrity reign naturally; where the need for control or manipulation has vanished because all have realized their innate power to be fulfilled within and to create beauty all around, no matter what.

A world where trust, abundance, generosity, clarity and transparency are as natural as sunlight. A world where everyone is fully empowered to know that all possibilities lie within them to the point where we no longer believe we have to fight ‘others’, ‘them’ or ‘the world’, in order to be who we wish to be, to get what we want to have, and to do what we love to do.

He founded a TRINFINITY ACADEMY  –   an online school for Enlightenment and Empowerment. 

“Within Trinfinity Academy You can enjoy cutting-edge lessons and courses leading you through the paths of Self-Realization and Self-Actualization. Access 300+ hours of exclusive video content. Participate in monthly live workshops and befriend a community of like-minded people in the chat and forums.

All our courses are carefully designed from the ground up, with a single purpose in mind: to lead you to the end of all doubt, and leave you with a holistic and complete experiential understanding of Spirituality that will never fail you.”

Check out some videos by Bentinho to see why he resonates with me… and check if he’d resonate with Your sense of Truth. :

You can start with this and then pursue with other if resonates 🙂 :

Manifesting your Dream Life from Oneness:

Latest – about what is going on in the World and around us. Thought I’d start with this video :

Global Energy Update – Humanity’s Ascension – Bentinho Massaro LIVE:

Realize Infinite Self Love (Die before you die) – Bentinho Massaro LIVE (5.11.15):

The Adept’s Focus – Become One with Anything you Desire – Bentinho Massaro LIVE (3.2.15):

Master Your Vibration – Ease Your Way into Bliss – Bentinho Massaro LIVE (5.3.15):

From Feeling Bad to Feeling Bliss (in 3 Steps) – Bentinho Massaro:

(Recommended) Achieving Overflowing Abundance – Bentinho Massaro:

How to Achieve Perfect Health – Bentinho Massaro LIVE (5.18.15):

How to use Parallel Realities – Shift into an alternate Universe!

Dream Big, Regain Free Will – Bentinho Massaro LIVE (2.9.15):

(Recommended) Achieving Overflowing Abundance – Bentinho Massaro:

Super Accelerated Living – 10 Ways to Live as a Powerful Creator – Bentinho Massaro LIVE (2.16.15):

Attract an Amazing Life – Instant vs. Gradual Manifestation – Bentinho Massaro LIVE (3.30.15)

ET’s, Ascension into 4th Density, Death (including his own) and True Humility – Bentinho Massaro:

Latest ! :

The Dawning of the New Age – How to Inspire Change – Session 1:

The Dawning of the New Age – How to Inspire Change – Session 2:

If You want to get familiar with Bentinho’s life journey – listen to this interview with him from 2011:

Bentinho Massaro – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview:

Second part of interview – ABSOLUTEly Mind Blowing :

And last but not least – needed to share it as it’s profound in its message – fresh, raw video from young Bentinho from 2012 on :

Absolute & Relative Freedom – The End of Being a Victim – Bentinho Massaro

There are many videos by Bentinho uploaded on youtube channel that I encourage you to listen to. It’s all about restoring Your Inner Connection, really and claiming Your power back rather than blindly following yet another “Spiritual teacher” without Integrating and Living Your truth.

Here is Bentinho Massaro’s youtube channel for more videos and messages if You feel like his stream of Conscious thoughts resonates with You.

Here’s the link to Bentinho’s Facebook channel with over 100.000 Community Members.

And lastly – *** – If You live in Europe and would like to attend his “Satsang” LIVE – there is a Weekend Amsterdam 2 day Retreat on 2nd and 3rd January 2016 – **2016 – presented as The Year of Inevitable Success & Rapid Acceleration** . Here’s the link with more information to this event on Fb Event Page – CLICK HERE to see 😉 . For all of you that can afford this 2 day retreat and BE a part of that event and “Satsang” – come along to Amsterdam in early New Year! Here’s the flier for the event. Feel free to share with other friends in Europe 🙂 Let’s all empower ourselves to a Higher Vibrational Reality and Become a part of Conscious Co-Creation of New Earth – by all of  us… “Ordinary Mr and Mrs Smiths and Jones”. 😉











The goal of this post is to briefly share and  suggest teachings that resonated truth with me. There’s no point of writing more. All the rest  is in the links above. They speak for themselves 🙂 Tune In and see. No need for psychotherapy 😉

Hope His teachings will help You guys and that sharing this post will be of serving to you during these times x

Time for profound Change People. Look Up to the Infinite Potential that You already hold INside.

Stay Connected, Aligned and Remain in Your Spirit Connection to the Higher Self ❤ Be Empowered. Be Unique. Be LOVE. Radiate Love. FEEL Free to BE Yourself. Embrace ALL Possibilities of Abundance that You can Create x Be of Service in Your own Unique way. BE Open to BE Deserving.



4 thoughts on “Most INspiring, Empowering and Enlightening teachings of our Times. Bentinho Massaro – one of the youngest Spiritual Way Showers out there. He’s cool, I tell Ya.

  1. I have been debating joining his online school. I did before, yet I was not yet ready. I only made it to lesson three, and couldn’t go forward anymore. I miss his weekly youtube videos. Before I found Matt Kahn, Bentinho was my favorite spiritual teacher for a while.


  2. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    This is Bentinho, who I have spoken of. Thank you Quantum Leap for putting together this article. I have always found the range of Bentinho’s teachings to vast to focus into an article. I take one element and focus on it.


  3. For years I have been holding the space for our kids to quantum leap the ‘spiritual’ path and live as an example of expanding consciousness… and along came Bentinho… I love his expression and how he is raising the vibration.
    You’ve written a wonderful post on him, inspiring people to listen, resonate and open their own heart.
    Also good to meet you here on WordPress. I was wondering if you write ‘book reviews’ as I’ve just published my first book about my own awakening, integration and enlightening life I chose to live… and would love some help promoting it… Barbara


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