Please watch it and feel it, will Ya…? ;-) Simply Powerful and Purely Enlightening Video. “Energetic Universe of Light and Sound”.

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Was thinking what to write about this talk / film by Max Igan ( from The Crow House ), one of the best whistle blowers, investigative journalists and Truth Seekers out there, but there is actually no comment needed. This 50 min Soul Awakening talk of seeing system and reality  for what it is, is defending itself amazingly.

Such an important film. Inhale, breathe in every word spoken here… FEEL the Wisdom and gain Clear Understanding. Don’t cut yourself off…. Connect.. Connect…Connect…Be the Change.. watch it and participate in your own evolutionary process… Evolve Your Awareness, Consciousness, Take this Journey and Walk Yourself Home.

Please listen and tune in…

Energetic Universe of Light and Sound – Max Igan :

See my previous posts on Max Igan’s wonderfully awakening work here : A film that should be shown in every school. Restore Independent Thinking with “The Awakening” by Max Igan. and here : Free Yourself from the Illusion of Culture and Wake up to Who You ARE. Watch COSMIC GIGGLE – seriously 😉

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One thought on “Please watch it and feel it, will Ya…? ;-) Simply Powerful and Purely Enlightening Video. “Energetic Universe of Light and Sound”.

  1. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    Perhaps it is true that we only use 3% of our D.N.A., and that we have great abilities locked away. What is the purpose of this, and who would have had the power to create such a block.

    I think we were designed (by ourselves) to awake up. The whole process of life after life was so we could reach this moment. On the other side of the veil we already have full power, so we created a world to feel powerless in. So that we could come to know our power inch by inch. Each new centimeter of power celebrated in a way that is impossible with full power. Like trying to celebrate one drop in the waterfall. We have taken the veil of forgetfulness too. Otherwise we would too quickly realize the game.

    You see appreciating one’s power is hard for those would have always been powerful. Like appreciating having a lot of money when you are born wealthy. You can hardly feel the magnitude of wealth the same as if someone born poor became wealthy.

    So the veil of forgetfulness is so we can believe ourselves poor, when we can manifest everything we want faster then light. We also dim the speed of manifesting, on purpose.

    All this evil governments are not the real issue. You need to realize your own power. In the light of our power, the structures we designed to create the illusion of powerlessness, turn into smoke and mirrors.


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